Nyko's PS Vita Power Grip delayed, Chinese new year blamed

Video game accessory maker Nyko Technologies has five peripherals for the upcoming Sony PlayStation Vita ready to hit retailers when the handheld video game console launches. At least, that was the plan until the company found out that its PS Vita Power Grip accessory, which is being made in China, has been delayed due to the country's new year celebrations.

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TheSoundDefense2290d ago

This wasn't factored into their timetables at the factory? A well-known national holiday shouldn't be coming up at the last minute and causing delays.

Titanz2289d ago (Edited 2289d ago )

That grip looks awesome in this article's image header.

bladednuisance2289d ago

So it's being manufactured in china, where they celebrate the new year at the same time every year... how was this not taken into consideration!?

Chevalier2289d ago

It's not the same time every year though....

Tapioca Cold2289d ago

The Lunar New Year has already happened. Don't believe everything you read. I live over here.