CS:GO Beta Expansion Underway & Updated

A few hours ago Valve updated the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive beta. Notable features of the update include Dust2 now being the default map for matchmaking and the addition of popular maps Inferno, Nuke and Train to the custom match map selection. In addition to other numerous small changes and bugfixes, three new weapons – the Nova shotgun and the PP-Bizon and MP7 SMGs – have been added as well. In addition to the large update, Valve updated the official CS:GO website over at with a blog post detailing their plans for expansion of the beta, which begins now!

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3nnui2470d ago (Edited 2470d ago )

BEFORE YOU REPORT - THIS IS *NOT* A DUPLICATE. Earlier story used only a tweet from this afternoon as a source - this post references the official Steam News update to CS:GO as well as a recently posted blog entry on the official CS:GO website that details plans for beta expansion. Neither of those sources were yet available when the earlier story was posted. Repeat - this IS NOT a duplicate post!

Shackdaddy8362469d ago

I wish I had a beta key :(

DeadlyFire2469d ago

Gotta log some more Counter-strike hours on STEAM to get one. So lets go play.