Surprise PS Vita demos hit US store

Product-Reviews writes: If you are getting your PS Vita early thanks to Sony’s First Edition program, you’ll probably know that Sony has already gone live with the US Vita store direct on the system. A collection of digital titles are now available as promised, but we can tell you that there’s also a list of surprise demos that Sony didn’t mention about.

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tr00p3r2469d ago

To all those with a Vita already, you may want to know that the Michael Jackson demo is actually the full game.

Octo12469d ago

I know that the Vita is not officially out until next week but since it is next week. Why no Vita section in the PS store?

tr00p3r2469d ago (Edited 2469d ago )

Guess it is not ready yet. You can still find Vita content by manually searching the store though. There is a Vita section in the Asia PSN store though, that I can confirm.

Arts10002469d ago

I love the way Sony uses the cross-media bar to advertise all kinds of CRAP ........... .
I notice some lovely apps to manage my VITA which I will not be purchasing . I have two PSPS for now .

Sure just shove some more advertising down my throat . We will never see a way to delete trophies or anything eles that helps there bottom line . Bottom as in low

LightofDarkness2469d ago

It is getting ridiculous lately. Have you seen the Xbox Dashboard lately? It's an obstacle course of ads. Just ads, ads and more ads. The stuff you actually want to do and see is placed ignominiously around these ads, letting you know who really matters most to MS.

Games used to be a haven, a place to go that was removed from the wiles and annoyances of the real world, but now they're right there waiting for you, as soon as you turn on your machine. Even sites like GameTrailers and this one have loud, obnoxious video ads playing within seconds of your visit. On some sites these are unskippable (youtube) and some can't even be SILENCED. I'm getting very sick and tired of it, and people need to start boycotting sites and letting the administrators and powers that be know that this will NOT be tolerated.

Pixel_Enemy2469d ago (Edited 2469d ago )

If you think the advertising on the XMB is bad, you should try XBL.

Half-Mafia2469d ago

The demo's are the same size as the full game. So you probably beable to unlock the full game within the game itself.