Five co-op games to play with your sweetie on Valentine’s Day

Hello, gamer lovebirds! It’s Valentine’s Day today! You know what that means, right? Spending it with your totally awesome gamer boyfriend/girlfriend! If you’re here reading this, that means you’ve gone out to dinner, traded your gifts, overdosed on chocolate, and are now simply looking for ways to relax.

If you’ve burned up through all your favorites on Netflix and are looking to snuggle up, consider placing a controller in the hands of your boo as well as yours and check out some of these games that emphasize cooperation.

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BiggCMan2132d ago Show
PhantomTommy2132d ago

Ikaruga?.... that will only start arguments.

Starbucks_Fan2132d ago

Where's LBP?! There's Valentines Day themed levels!

Sidology2132d ago

I tried to focus on games that had that heavy cooperative aspect.

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BitbyDeath2132d ago

Needs moar Toy Story 3. Best co-op game ever