IGN - Check Out the PC Version of Mass Effect 3

IGN - An extended look at the demo's multiplayer modes.

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SignifiedSix2492d ago

Looks good. Just got done playing on the 360. Great game!

Montrealien2492d ago

Getting this on PC day one. Looks amazing can't wait!

Sarcasm2492d ago

Same here, but man I wish Bioware would show some respect to the PC community. I mean no native X360 pad support and low res textures everywhere, no graphical options, no DX11 support, nothing PC related.

HOWEVER, don't get me wrong its still nice to be able to enjoy this game at 60+fps with no slow down. Its just you cant help but feel a little shafted they didn't put more effort into the PC release.

ninjahunter2492d ago

Yea, I wish there was more PC support as well. The textures and environments are pretty fantastic judging by the demo, but the characters leave a bad taste in my mouth.

Im pretty happy with how optimized this games is, for something that looks this good, Im overjoyed with how well it runs, Probably the most optimized current gen game ive seen.

Montrealien2492d ago

The resolution alone owns the consoles imho. But I agree, there are some design issues, but that has been the case since ME1 imo.

BattleAxe2492d ago

You'll be using Origin day one! :D

Montrealien2492d ago

I love Origin, got a few games on it now. Used many of my old EA games keys also.

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ninjahunter2492d ago

Very optimized, very sharp game :) been playing the demo multiplayer quite a bit, im very happy, as soon as i get Mah money gonna preorder this :D

My only 4 gripes are:
1)Commander shepard has small girly hands
2)admiral something runs like a girl haha
3)WTF is with turian voices
4Character models are a little rough around the edges.

h311rais3r2492d ago

It's optimized cuz its low res textures. The game looks ugly by pc standards

ninjahunter2492d ago

Your a dumbass, Nuff said. Feel free to reply with your thoughts on that. Oh wait, Everyone here decided you dont deserve that privilege for some reason... I sure wonder why...