Gears of Wrong: Just Because You Can, Doesn’t Mean You Should

A few days ago, Epic Games announced that they would be running a special weekend “Game with Fame” event for Valentine’s Day. In short, to celebrate the medium that brought Gears of War Design Director, Cliff Bleszinski, and his now fiance and former competitive gamer, Lauren Berggren, together, the two would make themselves available to play against in a special “Cupid Wingman” multiplayer format.

In return, at least one gamer took the opportunity to tea-bag Cliff's soon-to-be wife.

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Nostradavis2493d ago

There should be a point when common sense kicks in and tells you that it's Valentine's Day, you are playing a game you enjoy with the game creator and his fiance...probably not a bad idea to be somewhat respectful when taking them out. Save the tea-bagging for your neighbor Sal and that guy in school who gave you way too many wedgies.

Pushagree2493d ago

Lol trolling done right.

vickers5002493d ago (Edited 2493d ago )

I dunno, how many chances do you get to say to your friends "hey guys, I just t-bagged cliffy b's fiance"?

Hicken2493d ago

On one hand, I want to say that it's a negative: I'm not very keen on doing things like this, period. And having the privelege to play with the big cheese and his soon-to-be wife should have tempered ANYBODY.

But on the other, such things ARE a part of the game. If the player usually plays like that- and puts in the amount of time any normal person does when they're big fans of a game- then such acts are probably second-nature. Doesn't make it any more acceptable, though.

Still a dick move, though.

Nostradavis2493d ago

It's Valentine's Day, they are celebrating the medium they love with fans as a thank you, and the person does that? No excuse. There are countless ways in the game to dismantle someone after downing them. Standing over them tea-bagging only to down them again and start over is a disrespectful act - especially when it's being done to the soon-to-be wife of the person that is largely responsible for the game. It lacks class. As gamers we should be ashamed of that person.

BlackjackCF2493d ago

Man, that's just not cool at all. Have some freaking respect! Cliffy and Lauren are taking their time out to play a game with fans.

Ravenor2493d ago

I bet she's is totally scarred from this and very likely will never look at a shooter the same ever again. /s

Ravenor2493d ago

"She's is" lol, what am I doing?

jetlian2493d ago

lol crazy l wanna see it

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