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IGN - Twisted Metal creator David Jaffe once called car combat the "Rodney Dangerfield" of video game genres -- it gets no respect. With killer clowns, skull motorcycles, and a hearse that launches exploding coffins, some might dismiss Twisted Metal at first glance. Doing so means missing some of the most fun, most ridiculous competition you can find on the PlayStation 3. Jaffe and his team at Eat Sleep Play have not only embraced the madness of car combat, but married it with the thoughtful, intricate balance found in fighting and real-time strategy games.

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SageHonor2493d ago

Wow they scored higher than i thought they would.

coolbeans2493d ago (Edited 2493d ago )

Unlike some other reviews, Clements admits to being a Twisted Metal fan. Considering how often I've been told "it's geared more towards the fans", the score seems justified. I can imagine reviewing a car combat game can be pretty diecy since there's not many others this gen.

Gaming1012493d ago

Not many other car combat games? There's next to nothing, unless someone wants to count that crappy Full Auto 2 game that came out eons ago, so I'd say if you want car combat your choice has been made for you. Every review seems to talk about the difficulty curve not only with the barrage of stuff that's going on at once, but also the wonky controls that take a long time to get used to, but once you do get used to it the game grows on you.

After playing the demo I definitely found out how difficult it was, but didn't get a chance to find out if the chaos was something you could get used to over time. The problem is if the game is just too difficult to get into then it may turn off all but the hardest of the hardcore, and we all know how crappy it is being a newbie trying to get into a game and all you have to play with are trolls spending 14 hours a day playing videogames.

brettyd2493d ago

Its nice to see developers make games for their fans, unlike some devs *cough* Zipper *cough*

jeseth2493d ago

Awesome. Good score. I was also thinking it would score less. I have it coming from Amazon either way but I'm glad to see it score high.

Twisted Metal, Kingdoms of Amalur, SF vs. Tekken, Mass Effect 3, and MLB The Show ... all in a 4 week period. I'm screwed!

guitarded772493d ago

Really surprised IGN gave it a 9. I'm playing the hell out of it right now. Best soundtrack in a game since Vice City!!!

Abash2493d ago

IGN is easily becoming the only review site I consistently agree with.

Ron_Danger2493d ago

Agree with the soundtrack... It's crazy!! One second you're listening to Sammy Haggar singing the Heavy Metal theme, next Strait Out of Compton comes on... This game rocks!!

Kevin ButIer2493d ago

thanks god... a well deserved come back my dear twisted metal

Skizelli2493d ago

Split Second? While not a car combat game in the traditional sense, I'd still classify it as one.

In any case, Twisted Metal will always be the king.

Septic2493d ago

Oh yeah. Even the demo was brilliant. Can't wait to play this!

Rayko2493d ago

there are barely no horror games this gen as well, and there are barely any plattformers and other genres. What genres can we pick from this gen. Sports games, FPS, millitary-tactic games. This gen sucked, hope for more variety next gen.

antz11042493d ago

Such a great game, reminds me of the golden age of the PS2.

sticky doja2493d ago

Good review although I don't see how 7 +8 +8.5 +8.5 +9 /5 =9

I know overall is not an average but still seems kind of a high whole for the sum of its parts.

sikbeta2493d ago

Good Score, I thought it was going to be way less, pleasantly surprised :)

nirwanda2493d ago

At gaming 101, there a a few car combat games, blur had car combat mario cart games, and the wipeout games too personally i dont like car combat but car/bike fighti.g like f-zeroX on the gamecube or road rage are great fun



Spot on about Zipper.

Call Jeffe all you want but this guys knows what the fans of his IPs like.

Aquanox2492d ago

IGN = PS3 fanboys re-confirmed. 9/10, the highest score so far on metacritic where it went as low as 7/10 on big publications like g4tv and joystiq. I hated how arrogant Jaffe responded to this review, what's he gonna do now? Rant over all other low reviews? ...

Baka-akaB2492d ago

you should learn to read , maybe you'd notice why he complained , and how it's not so much about the review .

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thedude442493d ago

i expected an 8 from them, but this game deserves the score nonetheless, its awesome!

TheLastGuardian2493d ago

9 is exactly what I thought IGN would give it. They've had lots of really positive things to say about Twisted Metal in their previews.

Personally I think this game deserves a 10 but of course, I'm a die-hard Twisted Metal fan. This is one of the best games I've ever played.

DA_SHREDDER2493d ago (Edited 2493d ago )

You've got to be a complete dweeb if you think this game is anything short of a 9. BTW, I could own with Reapers ride, but Axel is my favorite vehicle, especially since he can jump so high.

KayNubs2492d ago

Axel is my favorite for the same reason. Plus, you can score 150 damage points, which is just as much as reapers flame saw, by running over or "Crushing" an opponent twice with one special. Also, using his jump to get up in the air to shoot sweet tooth or talon with a point blank shotgun blast never gets old!

BlackTar1872493d ago

Radracing. I'm so happy you mentioned Zipper they have been pissing on their fans requests for almost 8yrs now.

Kran2492d ago

Yet if they scored low, you'd all go attack them...

dont disagree people because you've all been going it to G4TV.

BlackTar1872492d ago


i think the G4tv drama is less about score and more about other things. I haven't followed it that close cuz i don't care but i could be wrong.

G$4tv also gave his score before he played the game basically and then maimed his readers int he comments.

All unprofessional

CryofSilence2492d ago

This is the most fair review I've seen yet for this game.

YodaCracker2492d ago

The highest score for the game yet is the fairest? Coincidence?

CryofSilence2492d ago (Edited 2492d ago )

No. It's fair because it is tailored for how and whom the game was tailored for.

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-Mezzo-2493d ago

Their previews were leading up-to this Score.

Well Done. ESP

LX-General-Kaos2493d ago

The game looks to have turned out good just as everyone thought that it would.

-Alpha2493d ago (Edited 2493d ago )

"Also troubling are the armor points of smaller, faster cars like Crimson Fury and Reaper. Although these cars do benefit from super speed and effective special weapons, they seem to fall quickly in battle, even against mid-armored vehicles. A player's extreme skill might keep Reaper alive for a while in the middle of all the madness, but death comes quickly for the weaker rides"

What the hell kind of complaint is that?

Was expecting an 8.5, but good to see it so loved.

IHateYouFanboys2493d ago (Edited 2493d ago )

have you played the demo? if so, youd probably agree with his complaint - i know i do.

im a HUGE twisted metal fan from all the way back. world tour is easily one of my most played games of all time. so dont take this as me being 'just not good at the game' or anything.

a few of the smaller cars just die far too easily and quickly. deadset, the first few rounds i played against the AI in a small fast car, i was dead within a minute despite boosting all over the place and TRYING to run away from the other cars. your health just gets absolutely destroyed from even the smallest things.

i wasnt "expecting" any score for it because hey, theyre the ones reviewing it and not me. although i am surprised that ive made it this far into the comments and am yet to see a "OMG cant spell IGNorant without IGN!!! it shouldve got 10/10, its a ps3 exclusive!!!!" comment.

9/10 is a fantastic score, and i will pick this game up on the weekend. despite having a few qualms about the demos controls (not that the controls are bad or hard, just that the actual handling of the cars is much more, not sure how to say it, "sharp" or something. handbrake turns are too abrupt and just simple left/right movement is a bit too quick and light for my liking. im sure ill get used to it in an hour though) and the health of smaller cars, its basically the same twisted metal i know and love.

BiggCMan2493d ago

He played the demo, and is currently playing the full game, problem? It is a dumb complaint, because it's clearly a balancing strategy. The weak armored cars do incredibly powerful, and fast damage compared to the other cars.

-Alpha2493d ago

It's balance. The weakest armored vehicles also have the best specials and can wipe out strong armored players just as well. Takes skill, but not "extreme" skill

Play the role, if your weak armored, use speed and specials to your advantage and stay away from brute force CQC

soundslike2493d ago Show
vickers5002493d ago (Edited 2493d ago )


I get your point, but even still, Reaper dies way too quickly. I'm not saying they should make his armor on par with any of the mid sized vehicles, but they should improve the armor by at least like 10-15%. If not that, then at least reduce the ram damage from other vehicles, because no matter what vehicle hits him, large or small, it seems to do WAY too much damage. Also they should give the vehicle some more weight, because it's annoying as f*ck getting hit constantly and spending most of the time in the air or flailing/flipping around when you're in a group battle (bunch of cars close together).

-Alpha2493d ago


Maybe, I think the last patch tweaked ram too.

Try out his shield, he may have a more consistent shield than others, so ESP may have balanced him in that sense.

NotSoSilentBob2492d ago

You actually have to have a Ps3 to play the game troll.

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Hicken2493d ago

I thought the smaller stuff ALWAYS had less armor, so I'm confused by that, too.

I'll probably be grabbing this as soon as my tax return comes in.

CernaML2493d ago (Edited 2493d ago )

Well that's a surprise. I guess that what happens when you actually take the time to get to grips with the controls and online gameplay.

Still wondering how the overall score can come out to be a 9.0 when the only category that got a 9 was Gameplay. Oh wait duh, that's usually what should count the most in video games. lol

Haven't gone online yet but that final boss in the campaign... holy f*cking sh*t. I saw the art for it at a Twisted Metal fan forum as a member's signature... I didn't think it was actually real...

Anyway, greatest game ever made, etc. Of course I am just being a little biased since I am the biggest Twisted Metal fan since the PS1 days. :P

Edit - one thing I am super impressed about this game is the lack of an installation but still having pretty speedy loading times even for the biggest (I'm talking MASSIVE!) of maps. This game was polished like crazy.

TheFallenAngel2493d ago (Edited 2493d ago )

Yay! my girlfriend bought it for me and I been having a blast. Online is super fun too. As for people complaining for the controllers get used to them! not all games need to have the same controls of Need for Speed or Call of Duty! I been playing Twisted Metal since PS1 days.
My rating: 9.5/10

Blaine2493d ago

That girl is a keeper!

As for the controls: I was hoping for a patch that would allow custom button mapping. And I had read we would get that option, but it turns out we don't. Demo controls are same as retail controls, so I sucked it up and got used to them (I've also been playing TM since the first... but last one I played was Black and that was 10 years ago!).

As for the game: for single player, I'd give it 8.5 tops. The physics and AI can get quite annoying at times (ROADBOAT, I HATE YOU; ruining my races, grabbing me through walls and ceilings). I haven't played it online yet, but I'm sure my minor issues with single player wouldn't transfer over to multiplayer gameplay. So I have no doubt the mp is worth 9/10. I'll play it online tomorrow--looking forward to it!

thedude442493d ago

haha nice valentines day