GameSpy: Xbox 360 Game of the Year 2007 + State of the 360

GameSpy's Gabe Graziani writes:
"What a year it has been, my fine little Xbots! After emerging from 2007 as the industry leader in high-definition gaming (fueled predominantly by stellar offerings such as Gears of War, Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter and Fight Night Round 3), our beloved Xbox 360 has only continued down the warpath of complete domination. So rejoice my fellow fanboys and fangirls, because it definitely looks like we backed the winning pony this year!"

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MK_Red3809d ago (Edited 3808d ago )

WTF!? No Assassins Creed? Mass Effect at 5th?(Thanks for Dr Pepper the help)
BioShock NOT GOTY!?
I have to completely disagree with them.
IMO, the top 3 should be BioShock, ME and AC.


I ALMOST agree...

2.Mass Effect


MK_Red3808d ago

Pretty close. We both consider BioShock and Mass Effect the top 2 best games of 2007 :)

Dr Pepper3808d ago

Mass Effect was #5 Red! Not 6!

MK_Red3808d ago

Oops, my bad. Thanks :)

Texas GMR3808d ago

Bioshock is definitely #1.

COD4 was great. Bioshock was Greatness!

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DJ3809d ago

A list that I have to agree with (same goes with the PS3 list). Looks like Gamespy actually has a handle on things.

SJL4803808d ago

1. Bioshock
2. Call of Duty 4
3. Mass Effect

Kenshin_BATT0USAI3808d ago

huh....Halo 3 at 6th? And no multiplayer award?
I was thinking it would be in the top 4 at least and get multiplayer award, but wow looks like COD4 really beat down Halo.

vilmer3808d ago

Well, it should. It's a much better game/series.

rootEXT3808d ago

1. Mass Effect = Game of the year
2. Bioshock
3. Assasins Creed

Am i the only one who thinks Mass Effect should win GOTY here on N4G? It has some little flaws but this game should get more recognition. Darn it!!! I guess gamers have different taste

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