Final 4 Street Fighter x Tekken Characters Revealed, PC Release Date Announced, New Screenshots

The Xbox 360 and PS3 release date of Street Fighter x Tekken is on March 6th in North America (aka Mass Effect 3 day) and March 9th in Europe. In preparation of this, Capcom has revealed the final four characters in the game, as well as the PC release date.

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TrendyGamers1538d ago

Glad to see M. Bison made his way into the game!

LX-General-Kaos1538d ago

I cant wait to get this game. Day one purchase.

Boody-Bandit1538d ago (Edited 1538d ago )


Magic_Spatula1538d ago

With Capcom's business practices lately, I'll wait until the revised version is released.

TrendyGamers1538d ago

Ultimate Street Fighter x Tekken?

rdgneoz31538d ago

No, its Ultimate Street Fighter x Tekken Gold Edition

MaxXAttaxX1537d ago

It'll only be DLC supported. No new "revisions".

TrendyGamers1538d ago

If you have a choice, get the PS3 version for the extra characters!

soundslike1538d ago

obvious reveals are obvious

Smashbro291538d ago

I'm excited. Like, VERY excited.

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