Try-It-Again-Tuesdays: Metroid: Other M

GR's Daniel Hill writes:

Gamers are an interesting bunch. They bemoan stagnation, but criticize innovation if it does not follow in accordance to the direction they envisioned. Metroid: Other M is a perfect example of this theory, though, unlike some other titles that catch a lot of heat for innovating, they did have somewhat of a case against 2010’s new Metroid title. Though the game technically played like a Metroid game should play, some of the essence that made the series great was lost for a variety of reasons.

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fossilfern2465d ago

Going to keep this short because I have been in many debates about this game:

I liked the game, gameplay was there and it felt like a Metroid game. There were some issues with the story and most of the music is forgetful but graphics were really good. I found it short but I liked finding out more about Samus as a character.

I wouldn't mind seeing this kind of Metroid done again but certain things need to be ironed out and I think this would of been better suited to the 3DS

Titanz2465d ago

Good title, with a couple of flawed ideas.