Twisted Metal Matchmaking Fix Coming, PS3 Issues Being Looked Into

MP1st - Twisted Metal has finally been released, but the online multiplayer is off to a rough start.


PS3 issues as in Hardware issues

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Echo3072497d ago

Sucks to hear but it's not really surprising. Can't remember the last multiplayer game that didn't have some kind of issues on day 1.

At least there's single player to keep me occupied.

Nitrowolf22497d ago

Man it's been a while since I played TM. The online issue is bugging me, but I know it'll be good once it's sorted. The SP is kind of hard even on Normal. Must be a pretty good player to be able to pull off no deaths in every level.

guitarded772497d ago

I'm spending my time in single player anyway right now... relearning the controls to this game is a beast. I figure I can work out the fingers in SP so I don't get super owned when I jump into MP.

GraveLord2497d ago

Modern Warfare 3 was up and running on Day 1. No problems with the the online.

Ser2497d ago

Yeah, but what about the previous iterations of CoD, care to defend those? After so many releases, it's only natural to finally have it down to a science.

How many Twisted Metal online titles have been released on the PS3?


Nitrowolf22497d ago

lol yea it was fine day one, but what about the days after? They had to take down the servers for a bit. Look it up.
Like the guys above how many cods have they been through? And still not perfect with their online

badz1492496d ago

it's always easier for an expansion pack to get it almost right on day-1 compared to a whole new game!

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miDnIghtEr20C_SfF2497d ago

I can remember.. COD MW3, COD Black Ops, Madden 2012 and the list goes on.

This is crazy that it's not working right on day 1. I mean come on. I'm holding on to my money right now until things are fixed, and the reviews look to straighten out. It's a shame.. I can't believe there's no DLC planned for this game as well.

soljah2497d ago

the game may or may not become a massive hit. but 1 thing this game will have is a hardcore following of gamers playing online for months if not yrs to come.
the game is straight up fun online. from a first day tm player to the most veteran hardcore clan members
fun for all

Blaze9292497d ago

you would have thought the issues that came when the demo was released would have probably gave them a good idea of what to improve....

...but then again, that's what happens when you release a multiplayer "demo" a few weeks before release.

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deep_fried_bum_cake2497d ago

That's not it off to a good start if they are bringing down multiplayer on day 1. But at least it's a positive step to sorting the issues rather than some games which wait weeks and then release a patch.

ElementX2497d ago

Where are all the reviews?

fluffydelusions2497d ago

They have been posted...just look.

dirthurts2497d ago

Mostly 60's to 85's in reviews. Averaging around 85 overall average from my calculations.

soljah2497d ago

game is working online great for me.
there are pages and more pages of games to pick from .i join no problem here

C_Menz2497d ago

PS3 issues? Compared to all of the issues on PC and 360 right?

Rainstorm812497d ago (Edited 2497d ago )

I was thinking the same, what other platforms would be having issues??

Hit whoring.... a staple in web based game journalism

Nitrowolf22497d ago (Edited 2497d ago )

"Hit whoring"

Read the damn article before making such a stupid statement.

Ever thought PS3 issue could possibly mean issues with the hardware that the game may be causeing? Cause that's what the article says and Jaffe saying he's looking into it.

Of course the game is exclusive, why would this site think otherwise? I mean they have a bunch of TM posts and even says for PS3 in some, doubt they would be that dumb to think that.

Bereaver2496d ago

I guess they don't understand that to read the article you would be giving a hit. There for adding to the hit whoring.

It could have just been a mistake since it was updated at the top but to me it does sound like they were just wanting you to click and get in.

@ -Alpha, you were smarter than this, you used to think it through. Now you're just spitting in people's faces.

We're used to having issues with journalists. I don't know who took your beef steak.

Echo3072497d ago

Hit whoring? Did you even read the article?

The PS3 issues they're referring to are the problems a specific model of PS3 are having regarding overheating while playing TM.

-Alpha2497d ago (Edited 2497d ago )

Talk about insecurity issues, the game has issues, Sony's having networking problems, 60 GB PS3s are reportedly overheating. Deal with it.

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