'The world has changed': Team Ninja's Hayashi on more realistic, respectful games

Gamasutra's Leigh Alexander writes, "It's been three years now since Yosuke Hayashi took leadership of Team Ninja, and although the studio's next two releases, Ninja Gaiden 3 and Dead or Alive 5, are continuations of brands closely associated with the studio for some time, he says they represent the first opportunity to show the new team's spirit."

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ritsuka6662470d ago

best move..

There something called change, and it is absolutely necessary for this game.

tucky2469d ago

this game franchise has always been so gorgeous ... but if it becomes "more realistic" it will not be as attractive

tucky2469d ago

what's wrong with this world: realistic games are completely uninspired!!! Video games used to help people to escape for a while from the sad reality ... realistic games are everything except funny.

VsAssassin2469d ago

I believe the realism part that the new TN director was referring to is actually the representation of the human male/female anatomy. At least that's what I gathered from screenshots they've shown us thus far.

In terms of gameplay, I believe fans will not be disappointed in the tried-and-true over the top gameplay that is DoA.

I personally don't think realism is only exclusive to gameplay. There are many levels in a videogame where 'realism' can be applied to. I might actually pick up DoA5 because of this new 'mature' mindset TN has. Good job!

VsAssassin2469d ago

I first noticed the change when they released the first batch of screenshots a few months ago. This change is more than welcome. Now I know fans might detest this move because the women (mostly) in DoA are well-endowed in the chest area. But I'm pretty sure fans would also like to see more substance and not just flash in this series. In this series where women were afflicted by disproportionate body types.

Good move, Team Ninja!