GameSpy: PS3 Game of the Year 2007 + State of the PS3

GameSpy's Sterling McGarvey writes:
"A year after its launch, the PS3 is in a curious position. Note that I didn't say "bad" or "good." Sony has addressed complaints that the system is too expensive by releasing two more SKUs and eliminating features. The cheapest PS3 is now the same price as a launch-era 360 Premium. After six major updates with sprinklings of patches, the PS3 is a significantly better console now than it was a year ago. People can say a lot of things about Sony, but the company seems to be listening to its customers and the market a lot more than it did coming into launch."

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MK_Red3778d ago (Edited 3778d ago )

Wow, GSpy really loves COD4. They have chosen it GOTY for PS3, 360 and PC.
Personally, I'd choose either R&C or Uncharted for PS3 GOTY.

kornbeaner3778d ago

I thought CoD4 was a great game, but every system has better games already availible. For the PS3 it would be Ratchet and Clank or Uncharted, for the 360 I'd pick Bioshock or Mass Effect and on PC I'd have to go Orange Box. Those would be my choices for GoTY on those platforms, not dissing CoD I just think the game I mentioned are better overall.

ALItheWISE3778d ago (Edited 3778d ago )

You know i agree with you most of the time is say about 80%.You seem to be a neutral gamer like myself but Mostly disagreeing with the whole MK being the best fighting game and bioshock being game of the year, but to each his own right, but what im wondering is you always say you need to get a ps3 but are always talking about the games???? You playing at a homeboys house or sumthin?? I dont own a 360 but i play my homeboys all the time.. JUST WONDERING THATS ALL????

As for PS3 GOY.......drum roll.... Uncharted or Warhawk and im leaning more toward THE HAWK BAY BAY

MK_Red3778d ago

I play through my co-workers and it's kinda my job in the magazine. When I didn't have 360, I played it the same way until I got to Dead Rising and man... that games was mindblowing IMO. I absolutly loved it and made me buy a 360 without hesitation. While I've liked most of PS3 and Wii games that I've tried, none have made feel the same way.
The only games that got me that much excited after Dead Rising are BioShock and Assassin's Creed and I have them both on 360.

So unless a PS3 game makes me that crazy, I'll be waiting till March or Feb before getting one. On Wii front, Zack & Wiki almost made me feel the same way but still, I'm gonna wait on Wii.

fredy3778d ago (Edited 3778d ago )

you don't own a PS3, I don't get ya..

"Personally, I'd choose either R&C or Uncharted for PS3 GOTY."

Have you played through and beaten those games?

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INehalemEXI3778d ago

UT3 should be in that list.

Demorus3778d ago

i agree and why Fifa 08 is there ?

gamesblow3778d ago

I love how Ps3 is on trac to selling more than 8.5 to maybe even 9 million units by years end and people are still saying it's a failure. haahhaahah... What a piece a joke! Ps3 easily out preforming the xbox 360's 1st year... More so with heavy competition from both of them too.

R&CFTOd is the best game out on ps3 by the way. I love Uncharted, but R&CFTOD beats it out in the end. It's the more quality product.

candystop3778d ago (Edited 3778d ago )

Sorry dude but the PS3 sucks and ain't selling sh!t better in it's 1st year lol! Maybe 2008 will turn the tide for Sony but at this rate there destined to drop out of the console race and introduce a PS4 by christmas of 2009! It sucks to be Sony right now and I bet they are pointing fingers left and right trying to save there jobs! Personally I believe LAir was the best game of the year for PS3 and pushes it further then any other game I've seen on the console even more so then uncharted! Lair for the win baby!!!!

edit below: Quebert

Due to low inventory we will never know the true potential of what 360 could of sold! Sony lied with system specs (as seen by the games released so far)and has yet to match 360 in terms of visuals, software, and services! Now if you look at the software and service side of sales from day one it's easy to see that the 360 has and still continues to destroy any attempt from Sony to become king this time around! There are know excuses anymore because the PS3 should have surpassed the 360 as soon as it released and the games should of looked better but now the industry is seeing that the 360 is what the ps2 is or was but just way better! Now before I get off track let me remind you that the PS3 sucks and only a certain type of fanboy would purchase one to begin with that doesn't have any common sense! It's a waste of money and if you jump out and in now you can save some pride! I find your comments and any other PLaystation fan comment hilarious because your tribe is in so much denial you say anything to encourage each other that things will change when there not going to! Lair is the best game I've ever played and seen on PS3 so be happy you got that one!

Edit below to Sjl480:
Good try but it was stupid sorry! No one is in fear or denial of ps3 because it doesn't have sh!t on it to worry about! You talk highly of games that flopped when compared to average 360 game saleing in the millions because you obviously don't know any better! What I find funny about you and the rest of Sony's fanbase is the persistant need to feel as though you need to be noticed in the game industry when at the current time Sony is not important! A real gamer doesn't buy all the consoles at once and will only purchase the best choice for gaming (not the PS3)and get his moneys worth! Are you implying that all the women and grandmothers that purchased the Wii are bigger gamers then us on this site and why don't I see you attacking Sony-nazis? I think the problem is your confused and a bit delusional on whats going on! And also I think that you and Madden are married and about to have twin butt drips you freaking sick puppets!

gamesblow3778d ago

Shall we compete 1st years? If you're saying xbox 360 sold 10 million uits its 1st year, well... I guess it only sold 5 million this year... That's terrible. Ps3 sold 8 its 1st year and that trend would mean xbox 360 is a dying one.

SJL4803778d ago (Edited 3778d ago )


You say that the PS3 SHOULD have done this and SHOULD have done that because you are in fear and denial of what it IS doing. Your credibility was lost when you said only a fanboy would buy one when common sense should have told you that a real gamer owns all systems.

Here's something your blind allegiance xbot ass can think of the next time Billy Gates pulls his c0ck out of your a$$ and gives you a $hit mustache. If the PS3 hasn't shown it was a step forward then how come 360's first party titles are requiring so much patching. IE Bioshock and the Bioware forums request for Mass Effect patches. I don't recall hearing much on Uncharted or Heavenly Sword having quality issues, and don't give me multiplat BS because there should be no learning curve in FIRST PARTY TITLES for a system that's been out 2 years and is currently the market leader.


At no point did you answer why 360 is having trouble with FIRST PARTY TITLES after a 2 year head start. I noticed you went right to software sells when I never mentioned them I even acknowledged the 360 as the current market leader. I was only referring to quality of titles which as I previously stated YOU ARE IN FEAR AND DENIAL OF or you wouldn't constantly fall back on sales. Neither you or I will receive one penny so what does sales matter to a true gamer, and finally I wasn't implying that a that all the women and grandmothers that purchased the Wii are bigger gamers then us on this site I was flat out stating that women, grandmothers, children, and even drooling comatose vegetables are bigger gamers than you.

Panthers3778d ago

Candy, why do you insist on coming into PS3 stories and talking crap? I never go into any 360 stories because I dont own a 360. No reason to hear my opinion because of that. And trust me when I say no one wants to hear you in here.

To say it aint selling doesnt make sense. It has sold the same amount its first year that 360 and PS2 did. Your arguments are complete BS.

Chaos Striker3778d ago

Your comment is full of lies and misconstrued facts. Firstly, you are obviously bathing in your fantasy world of stupidity if you say Lair pushes the boundary compared to Uncharted. I strongly believe that others including intelligible 360 owners would say that Uncharted was the better of the 2.

Secondly, games such as Uncharted and UT3 are examples of how the specs are being more utilized compared to others. Again, if you think Uncharted is not on par or even exceeds (on certain aspects) visuals on the the 360, then you are lying to yourself once more.

Thirdly, reminding us that PS3 sucks? No, make a judgment of that when you actually get your hands on one and explore every avenue of the system. Moreover, tell the current 7~million owners who bought the PS3 that they lack common sense. And what does common sense even have to do with a preference for buying a system? Preference != common sense.

Finally, when you address someone, address them properly. It's Playstation fanbase not Sony, because Sony makes numerous other electronic products and I am pretty sure they are relevant considering that they are one of the largest electronics maker.

Everything you attempt to assert as fact is in actuality BS mixed with piss that you try to pass off as legitimate support.

LinuxGuru3777d ago (Edited 3777d ago )

Hello, off-topic spammer!

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Actually, after careful thought, I'm reporting your comment as OFFENSIVE, due to the fact that you referred to PS3-owners as NAZIS.

Screw you, you low-life, lame son-of-a-b!tch.

You are a piece of trash and you do not belong speaking publicly on these kinds of websites, or actually....anywhere at all.

You deserve any and all backlash you receive from any users on this site offended by your tasteless and rude comments.

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Marceles3778d ago

ok...why the hell is FIFA on the list?

ddldave3778d ago

doesn't fifa run 60fps on ps3?

ddldave3778d ago

wow man very nice of gamespy of doing this, after all the bashing it's recieved from 1up, gamespot, ign, and stuff.

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