Kickstarting a Game – The Top 3 Likely Candidates

Double Fine made big news last week when they launched a Kickstarter page for a new adventure game they couldn’t get picked up by major publishers. The goal was set at $400,000, and they said if they could hit that goal, they could make the game. The page went viral and gamers all over the world supported this cause. As of the writing of this post, the donation total is at a whopping $1,760,518, with 28 days remaining until funding is closed. Gamers everywhere have an opinion about Kickstarter being used to fund a gaming project, but the question that has yet to be answered is: what other studio could pull off a move like this?

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yog-sothot2467d ago

These guys could very well pull such a move but they do not have the track record of Tim Schafer's team. They cannot use the nostalgia factor either.

I think it's much more likely that we'll see such move from a studio/developper that used to make games we do not see anymore. Obsidian - who actually shows interest in crowdfunding project - is a very good example of this with all the games these guys released back in the days of Black Isle / Interplay.

Gambero2467d ago

Fun read. It'll be interesting to see who jumps at a kickstarter campaign next.

fishermanTS2467d ago

Thanks for reading, fellas! After writing this I wondered if it was more likely for a classic, long-dead franchise to be the catalyst for another shot at Kickstarter as opposed to a developer. Obviously someone would have to start the page, but I wonder if a name like Geometry Wars or Turok would carry more weight than the name of a developer.

bladednuisance2467d ago

Since they've gathered more than 4x the amount they asked for, I'm left wondering where the extra money will go ,into the game, or their pockets

fishermanTS2467d ago

Good question. There's only so much they can spend on a game for development, I was wondering if they would make a series out of it with the extra money.

longcat2467d ago

these guys got this money based on their reputations
the money goes into this or another game

fishermanTS2467d ago

If it goes into another game, do you think backers on Kickstarter deserve a copy of the other projects the money has funded? Or just what they signed up for?