Forced Wii bundles: An independent game store's perspective

Ben Kuchera of Ars Technica thought he'd share an e-mail he received from an independent retailer who has a very different perspective on bundling:

"I am a single independent video game store... My distributors tell us that Nintendo has an 'attach rate' and we are often forced to purchase four games with each console. We pay $246 per console. If we sell the console for $249.99 retail, it's a $3.99 markup. If a person pays by credit card we lose money..."

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DraconWolfX3807d ago

No one is forcing this guy to sell Wiis. If he is going to lose money then don't sell the consoles. Simple as that. Stop complaining about "Oh I'm going to lose money if people pay with credit". Just don't sell the darn things and problem is solved.

crck3807d ago (Edited 3807d ago )

Lets flip it the other way around. Why don't people stop buying the bundles? This guy has every right to run his business the way he sees fit. Who the hell are you to tell him what to do? He doesn't have a problem, you do.

Account deleted3807d ago (Edited 3807d ago )

would be an interesting way to lay it out 'crck' hey poeple why don't try stop buying bundles?
As for the retailer he can always sell to imaginary poeple(himself) then sell them over ebay: a nasty way to conduct buisness but very profitable.
Of course i don't agree to this i am a consumer anyway, but i gave this just as an example that questionnable practices sometimes lead to some profitability so:
the question is: how far should we let them go, manipulate, bundle?
what is the limit? Who has the right to lay these limits?

Texas GMR3807d ago (Edited 3807d ago )

is a smart business move. It sucks for the consumer though.

It probably stops so many people from getting it and selling it on Ebay.

I think Nintendo themselves are the ones to blame. I think this whole "shortage" thing is done on purpose by Nintendo.

DraconWolfX3807d ago

Part of a smart business is not to sell unprofitable items. If he's so upset at losing money selling them then stop selling them. I'm sure he's not upset at the extra money I'm sure he makes from all the added volume of people looking for Wiis.

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backslider3807d ago

my mam got my two kids a wii from blockbusters for xmas. but was told to be able to buy the wii she had to spend over £30 each on four over items. so total cost for the wii was £320 with four games.

clevernickname3807d ago

I have no problem with the store owner's retail strategy because of a few key words: "A customer buys a Wii and three games of their choice." Note the important word at the end: choice. Most of the bundles the large retailers seem to be pushing offer you no choice in the games and instead are pushing out their sh!t titles and/or their crappiest accessories.

jinn3807d ago

bundle or not, it's a freakin wii

TruthbeTold3806d ago

I'm sure it's the little "Mom and Pop" store's Nintendo had in mind when condemning the Wii bundle idea and not Walmart, etc. lol... Give me a break...