PSA: This Vita Charging Tip Could Prevent A Lost Save

Dan Ryckert, GameInformer- "As we've been reviewing Vita games for the last month or so, several of us have noticed an odd design decision when it comes to the portable's charging cable. You see, most devices only allow their charging cable to plug in one way...the way it's supposed to work. Try plugging in your iPad or 3DS with the cable facing the wrong way, and you won't get very far. The Vita, on the other hand, lets you snugly insert the charging cable either way.

I learned this as I was reviewing Wipeout 2048. The battery level was in the red, so I plugged the system in. Considering it clicked into place just fine, I figured I was set to play as long as I wanted. Unfortunately, the system shut down mid-race and I lost my progress."

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resistance1002470d ago

remember seeing this on a video in Youtube. Bit strange but not really an issue since i always check that it is charging before i leave it.

deep_fried_bum_cake2470d ago (Edited 2470d ago )

I can't really understand not looking to see it charging before leaving it, some people must just be reckless.

Good point and it's clearly something they should've done. It's common sense though to check that something is charging though as the charger may not have been put in properly.

h311rais3r2470d ago

Honestly tho name 1 device u have to check if it's charging. They should have made it work both ways if u can plug it in both ways.

jukins2470d ago

Way i see it this pretty much eliminates the chance that you break your charging connections in the vita. Some see it as a flaw I see it as preventive measures

deep_fried_bum_cake2470d ago

Hadn't thought about it that way although you'd have to be pretty dense to keep pushing it to the point of breaking it if it wasn't going in.

jukins2470d ago

yea true but the avg teen/adult is kinda dense haha. let alone kids who will no doubt have this as well.

spectyre2470d ago

This topic was just discussed on another website I frequent. A Canadian Vita owner just posted pics of the power connector and it definitely had ridges on on side to prevent it from being plugged in the wrong way. This is a non-story.

badz1492470d ago

it can be inserted both ways but only work with the PS symbol up! I know this because I have a Vita.

danhese0072469d ago

If you insert it the wrong way, it won't fit.

badz1492469d ago

is that a speculation or fact? I said it because I did actually put it in without any problem when I didn't look properly. I only noticed it later when the PS button didn't lit in orange color like it supposed to when charging.

spectyre2469d ago

Where did you get your Vita? Japanese or dev models might be different than the NA models.

badz1492469d ago

had it for a month and a half already now. Just Platinumed Uncharted GA btw :-)

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tarbis2469d ago

"It's a pretty dumb design decision"
Dumb design or just some dumb idiot that can't tell which way is up?
I never had any issues with my charger.