One Piece Misprint!?

What about these 3DS cases misprints?

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deep_fried_bum_cake2223d ago

I can't imagine the person who made that mistake has gotten off lightly.

miidylan2223d ago

I cannot believe they don't even check....

deep_fried_bum_cake2223d ago

The probably had a team of highly trained dyslexic workers thoroughly checking the boxes.

lorianguy2222d ago

It's the second 3DS misprint so far. The first being Resident Evil.

I can't believe Nintendo hasn't noticed!

Jag-T10002222d ago

The second L is silent. That's what it is.

CraigUK2222d ago

Maybe they changed the name to Unlimlited from Unlimited because its actually only half the game because apparently adding in translation for the game means that you only get half what japan gets.

miidylan2222d ago

that is so true...guess the extra 'l' should make up for it!