Rock Band Community Website Update: Link To Your Gamertag or PSN ID

Gaming Bits - Alexis Morgenstern, Wednesday, 19 December 2007:

The Rock Band Community website will be getting an update soon (or will have by the time you read this.) If you've previously signed up on the community site, your account will be transferred and you should be getting an email with your new password.

Updates coming, as described by The Harmonix Team:

• Link your account to your Xbox Live gamertag or Playstation Network id to share your characters, bands, and high scores with your friends.

• Compare your high scores with the Rock Band community on the brand new Leaderboards!

• Make friends, write a blog, and post your pictures on your own personal page!

• Last but not least, the community forums that you've come to know and love return in all of their glory, with all of your posts intact!

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sa_nick3628d ago

It was up for a while, servers crashed or something though. Damn