Is The PlayStation in Crisis?

PS-Analog writes,"To make things clear, I think Sony and PlayStation will be alright but for the first time I am worried about the future of Playstation. When Sony announced that they made a massive loss, in their latest Q3 report, even though the PS3 hardware and software sold massively well. You start to wonder what they have to do to turn things around and how long can they handle these massive losses."

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MultiConsoleGamer2435d ago

If you do the math you learn that this company has lost over 10 Billion dollars (US) since 2008. But if there is one guy who can turn things around its Kaz.

During the late 90s there was a time when the PS division was Sony's only profitable division. Concentrate on your strenghts.

Colwyn2435d ago

i played crysis 1 and crysis 2 and ive never seen a playstation in any of them.

deep_fried_bum_cake2435d ago

I can't believe it took me like 30 seconds to get that.

The PlayStation is not in crisis, although the same can't be said about some other Sony divisions.

Outside_ofthe_Box2435d ago


The playstation isn't in cr(y)sis. Pun intended LOL!

ozstar2435d ago

Man, you are so obviously a Sony plant.

Silver_Faux2434d ago (Edited 2434d ago ) seem afuly suspicious to me. Every article to do with the ps3 or Vita you seem to be one of the first to comment.

So by my deductions your either:

a. A huge Sony fanboy

b. A Sony employee spying on n4g users in a bid to sway our opinions

c. either a guy or a girl im not sure....?

Before anyone grabs me from behind and slits my throat assassins creed style, I am a proud ps3 owner with a + account

Also it took me about 30 seconds to get your comment also,so don't feel bad deep_fried_bum_cake

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DiRtY2435d ago

The PS3 did not sell massively well. It was outsold by the Xbox 360 even with a price cut and Sony lowered the projection by 1 million as well.

Wait for the disagrees for stating facts

SWORDF1SH2435d ago (Edited 2435d ago )

Because it was outsold by the 360 it doesn't mean it didn't sell massively well. Why does everything have to be compared to the 360? It was sonys second best selling year and it wasnt too far behind it best selling year. The quarter just gone was also their best selling quarter for software.

Also lets not forget the huge sales that the 360 had on black friday in the US to reach the levels it did.

RedDead2435d ago (Edited 2435d ago )

PS2 compared to PS3. I agree PlayStation isn't in Crisis Though. 14 million is selling well

tehpees32435d ago

Funnily enough the system in last place often has the best quality games available like N64 did and PS3 does this gen. It makes them stronger to get a foothold in the market. Thats why it happens.

Frankfurt2435d ago

the 360 was the number console worldwide in 2011. come back to the real world, as that old N4G excuse (but the PS3 sells better worldwide) is no longer true. there's been 3 different pieces of news posted here with the worldwide data.

DigitalRaptor2435d ago (Edited 2435d ago )

@ Frankfurt

As far as I'm aware, the PS3 has outsold the 360 worldwide every single year since it came out. That is why the overall unit sales gap has diminished quite substantially over the years. Not quite sure about 2011, but you could be right. The overwhelming reason however, would be Kinect.

CarlitoBrigante2435d ago

14.1 million is not selling massively well? Boy you must be on crack.

The only reason 360 outsold PS3 is because it overshipped in America in anticipation of great december numbers, they sould 1.7 mil 360 while they were expecting 3 million.

Not in a million years will 360 ever outsell the PS3, it never happened since 2007.

thedude442435d ago

Is The PlayStation in Crisis?

Nope, but this article is.

CarlitoBrigante2435d ago

Boy have I missed the Sony teh doomz articles, they slowly but surely start to come back now with a new Sony hardware release: Vita.

Expecting all type of negative articles about Vita the next few months on how Sony should leave earth and sell their product to the aliens because not selling well here.

hiredhelp2435d ago

I agree they may lost money but so do all major company's just luckly sony have more than one line of buisness.
Are they in crysis no, do they need to look for ways to make up for loss sure, Look if they that n the shit the vita wouldnt been launched the playstation 4 is in the works, next model telly's are still being made its just buisness.
Sony knows buisness thoe they do need to kick there marketers up the ass get them to do there jobs better.

Edward752435d ago

I don't think they are in crisis mode yet, but you saying Sony knows business is so far from the truth. They are out of touch business wise. You don't lose money as a company year after year (look at the last 10 years). I believe they, as a company, lost money 9 out of 10 years. I always say, GREAT products, horrible company. (saying nothing against the systems I love, JUST how the company is ran)

hiredhelp2435d ago

Has sony really lost money year after year thoe i mean really..
Wevcan only go by what we read theres no reaf videos of any sony spokesmen saying this.
Way i seen it what sony may loose in one aera make up on another im 33 sony has always been a brand ive grown up with still going.
If thats a company doesnt know buisness then nobody does.
TV's Hifi' portable mp3 players' gaming devices/ now for the big one sony motion movies.. Thats just top my head.

Edward752433d ago

Yes they have lost money over that period of time. The easiest way is to just look at the stock market as an indication. Yes , for the last maybe 4 years they have been reporting losses publicly. And no Sony is not making up for lost money by the other divisions. I would like to think they would, but that just isn't true. Plus there is a reason why the head guys in the company are getting shuffled around or replaced. It's just a series of bad decisions, with an occasional good one. Even if the game division is doing well, on a whole as "Sony" goes it is bad. I would like if anyone can post otherwise I would love to see it.

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