Was FFXIII-2 Good? - Final Fantasy Union Ep. 64

"The end of January brought us a massive game for FFU: Final Fantasy XIII-2. This show, Darryl is join by Colin, Lauren, and David and they spend an hour talking about how the game panned out. In case you're not far into the game, don't worry; the group keeps the show spoiler free!

The quartet start off the discussion about the story, the characters and their development. How did Serah and Noel turn out? Find out here. Then the gang talks about the gameplay, the battle system, the puzzles, and the general progression of the game. After an extended period talking about the monster companions, they get onto the controversial music and whether it was good or bad. And then what would our impressions show be without your input."

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audiogamerman2290d ago

I still really enjoyed it, minus Serah's bad character development.

fluffydelusions2290d ago

I found it to be just OK...nothing special. Shorter than FFXIII and weaker story as well but at least it wasn't as linear.

NatureOfLogic2290d ago

I think the story in XIII-2 is way better than XIII(I didn't like XIII story at all, thought was very boring and weak). I found XIII-2's story refreshing. I'm tired of games with happy and predictable endings, I guess that's why I like XIII-2 story much more, but that's just my opinion.

Hardedge2290d ago

Good game with a few niggles, but good nonetheless. Certainly not great or mind blowing by any means but I found it to be rather enjoyable overall.

iamtehpwn2290d ago

It was lacking in some areas, but over all a much more enjoyable experience than XIII.

Godmars2902290d ago

Which isn't actually saying much.

Knight_Cid2290d ago (Edited 2290d ago )

The game was fantastic, sold well, scored well, and won many game of the months.

very excellent rpg

AdmiralSnake2289d ago

It's a good game. The story isn't bad at all, actually much better than FF13 in terms of the story and exploration... now the overall development in terms of abilities with the Characters are meh... not much variety, seems like that took that, and put it into the Monster segment of the game.

Good game and worth the 60 dollars in my opinion. It really surprised me on how well it is, but the puzzles are redundant and stupid.