How to Build a Cheap Gaming PC, Pt 2

Gamers Nexus: "With all of the builds that we pump out here at GN, like our excellent $558 build i3-2120 gaming build, we've had a lot of you ask how we manage to consistently pick out unique deals. As part of our "How to Build a Gaming PC" guide, this article covers the "cutting corners" aspect of PC building. As much as we'd like to lay claim to some sort of book of secrets about hardware, it's truly as simple as knowing our way around websites, knowing what old hardware can be recycle/salvaged/cannibalized from an old PC, and finding creative methods to hack the price."

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Razor7922493d ago (Edited 2493d ago )

I saw you mentioned the GTX570. I thought the GTX560 was cheaper than the GTX570? I have a GTX560 and it packs a powerful punch, if it is cheaper then I'd rather go for one of those than a 570.

Although I'm not sure how much greater the advantages of having a 570 over a 560 are.

Great article nonetheless.

Lelldorianx2493d ago

Yep, it was just an example. The 560 Ti is a good card - the 560 Ti 448-core is even better. The 570 is one of the most reliable cards out there right now, though, and the 560 series (GTX 560, GTX 560 Ti, GTX 560 Ti 448-core) has had hit-or-miss driver support.

In the end it's not a massive difference, but it was just an example anyway.

Velox2493d ago

Lol amd 6950 way bester

Velox2493d ago

Proven time and again that pcs aren't amillion dollars

one2thr2493d ago

Lol truth be told, i was one of those types of people that thought the same thing... Until I built my own rig, and I can say this.... Its one of the most satisfying experiences there is, especially to have everything run without having to complain to customer service about some faulty hardware... And its relatively cheap to build a pc that can run circles around the ones most retail stores got on sale now...
Custom built PC's FTW!!

Lelldorianx2493d ago

Excellent point. There's nothing quite like being able to say that you've built your PC and customized it entirely to your tastes. PC gaming is as much about style as it is about performance, and with the amazing array of style choices out there for cases/etc, it's never been more fun to get into PC building than now :)

arcsoft2493d ago

About to upgrade my PC so some of these tips will come in handy. Thinking about the cost of new components was making me miserable.

Lelldorianx2493d ago

Indeed, it can be daunting at first. Good luck!

Sjs1202493d ago

Good tips. However NCIX is way better than newegg, not sure why you guys insist on using newegg.