Yoshida: Vita owners "will see the value" of £45 games

MCVUK- President of SCE Worldwide Studios Shuhei Yoshida is confident that consumers will happily pay full price for Vita games.

Titles for the new handheld vary in price - both digitally and at retail. Games are available from £4.79 for downloadable titles like MotorStorm RC, to £19.99 for mid-range games such as Ridge Racer, to £44.99 for Uncharted: Golden Abyss and other triple-A titles.

But Yoshida claims that, despite the rise of 69p apps for iPhone, iPad and other portable devices, gamers will still pay full price for Vita games if they are of high enough quality.

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extermin8or2470d ago

No I wont I have a vita on preorder but I don't pay £45 for new ps3 games like hell am I paying that for handheld games 35 maybe depending on the game but that's it -_-

Godchild10202470d ago (Edited 2470d ago )

I have the Vita and I'm buying Uncharted from the PSN for the Vita. I had a change of hurt about Digital Games, and after playing the game I always want it on the go, but with having to change Vita cards. I will also be downloading a few other games that are PSN only.

Don't get me wrong, If you can find a deal on a game, take it, but I don't see any deals right now on PSN games. I do find uncharted to be worth the 45 dollars and that's why I'm going for it.

resistance1002470d ago

thankfully retail games never sell for RRP here in the UK. I've got uncharted: GA on pre-order for £34.85 :)

extermin8or2469d ago

me too and I have the amazon 8gb memory stick with rayman bundle preordered for like £225 I think :) hell I might still have enough to buy gravity rush from psn and ME3 in march lol

milohighclub2469d ago

Just seen uncharted priced at 44.99 in the metro review, that's more than I paid for uncharted 3!

resistance1002469d ago

thats the RRP. Uncharted 3 had an rrp of £49.99

But games rarely sell at that price

murkster-dubez2469d ago

Most sites have it around £35

milohighclub2469d ago

Ah. Ok cheers. I knew I'd be able to get it cheaper just didn't remember seeing uc3 at that price.

Machioto2469d ago

The title is making Mr.Yoshida sound like Ken Katuragi but if anyone reads the article he conveys it with out sounding arrogant.

Nodoze2469d ago

Um here we go again. Didn't Sony also believe that gamers would see the value in a 600 dollar console?

After playing the 3DS I think it is a miss that the Vita does not offer 3D gameplay. While I have not played it yet, it seems like a missed opportunity from Sony (who have been touting loudly that 3D is the next frontier for gaming...yet they release a 2D handheld).

Only time will tell. Oh and Sony F you for the proprietary memory card format. Just adopt the market standard as there is no way in hell that memory cards should be this expensive.

Virtual_Reality2469d ago (Edited 2469d ago )

3D is not great for small screens.

Also it consumes a lot of battery.

OLED Screen 5'' was a better choice definitely than having 3D:

With OLED Technology you can have Graphical and Technical Excellence.
Battery Life and Power Saving
Very Thin and Light Weight Build.
Multi-Angular Viewing.
Future Proofing.

And an appropriate Control layout with 2 Thumbsticks.

Outside_ofthe_Box2469d ago (Edited 2469d ago )

"Um here we go again. Didn't Sony also believe that gamers would see the value in a 600 dollar console?"

UMMMM... HERE WE GO AGAIN. How about reading the article instead of the title?

~*"We have a theory that if we create really compelling, engaging experiences that you can spend hours with, you’ll see the value of spending 40 dolars against one dollar,"*~

~*"for PS Vita, you’ll see games that sell for $50, $40, $30. And on the digital, $45, $35, $23,$15, $10, and $5. A very wide variety of pricing. We’re looking at each title and the value and scope of the content, and trying to match people’s value perception with the pricing. We are not just focused on big-budget, AAA, $40 titles. We’re big fans of the smaller experience as well."*~

~*"You saw Nintendo’s 3DS, it had many software hits last December, like Mario Kart. That’s the theory. That’s what I’d like to see proven, after the launch of PS Vita."*~

~*"I can see, looking at the games in game stores, when you see games that you feel you can find on the iPod or iPad for five dollars, why should you spend 40 dollars? So software publishers will really have to think hard when they approach pricing their software. Is this the experience that will compel people to spend that much? Or is this something they should provide for more accessible prices, so that people will try it?"*~

lugia 40002469d ago

Gameloft games are Iphone ports with a 35$ price tag.

I hope they will be worth it.

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