PSX-Sense Review: Unit 13

PSX-Sense writes: "Unit 13 is a game for the PS Vita made by Zipper Interactive. This action game won't be released till 6 March. We have the review of this game and you can check it over at our website."

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lugia 40002495d ago

I... wasnt expecting this.

smashcrashbash2495d ago

Me neither. i was sure the first review would nitpick it to death or tear it to shreds.Oh well, chalk up another great game for the VITA *blows horn, throws confetti*

cpayne932495d ago

I don't think anyone was, I think we were all expecting 7-8 scores. Now I'm interested to see how other sites score it.

resistance1002495d ago

Didn't see this coming, although TSA had a really positive preview

Really on my Radar now

Jobesy2495d ago

Destructoid's Jim Sterling also had very positive things to say in his Unit 13 preview piece.

teedogg802495d ago

Good score. I think I'm pre-ordering when I get my VITA tomorrow.

stevenhiggster2495d ago

I've been on the fence about this game so it's nice to see a positive review. I'll wait for a few more though.
I don't normally go by review scores I usually make up my own mind, but this one I just couldn't decide.

Ulf2495d ago (Edited 2495d ago )

Check out The Sixth Axis' preview.

I think this game is going to end up with a lot of high scores.

M4GN3T2495d ago

I wrote the review, its in Dutch originally so some things might get wrong trough Google Translate. If anyone has any questions, let me know i'll answer them!

Ulf2495d ago (Edited 2495d ago )

Did you try out the co-op? Is it challenging, good?

If you're giving it 9.5 for just the single player, and then the co-op is good as well... that, along with all the other good previews I've read, pretty much seals it for me. Day 1.

M4GN3T2495d ago

Online passes don't work yet on the European PlayStation Network, so no not yet.

The daily missions where working though, and they are pretty awesome. Singleplayer is huge, tons of replay-value its insane.

badz1492488d ago

personally I think Zipper hasn't disappoint this gen albeit many saying SOCOM 4 was a disappointment! I totally love it!

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