Cyanide Talks Game of Thrones RPG, Working with George R. R. Martin, and Following Skyrim

Gamespy: At first glance, Game of Thrones seems to be the best seating-based fit for gaming since musical chairs. It's got swords, sorcery, dragons, and Sean Bean. Also, the word "game" is sort of in its title. And yet, Cyanide's previous attempt to bring A Song of Ice and Fire into our hobby's humble realm left many players very, very cold. Myself included. So, how will Cyanide avoid taking a similarly ugly tumble when making the leap from RTS to RPG? I spoke with Lead Game Designer Sylvain Sechi and Project Manager Thomas Veauclin to find out.

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deep_fried_bum_cake2436d ago

I really hope that this game turns out to be good.

Grap2434d ago

i really wish this IP was created by major developer am not against indie developer or anything.

BushLitter2431d ago

Bethesda should buy the rights... or bioware