Valentine's Day Special: Lonely & Unloved Video Game Characters

"Valentine’s Day is commonly known as a time of fancy dinners, expensive presents and zealous romance. Even in the realm of video games, we tend to think of all of those virtual couples that hold a special place within our hearts; but what about the other side of the spectrum? For some unlucky souls, they are in constant sadness, alone or undesired. They are your villains, that one hated party member in your favorite RPG, all those NPCs with attitudes that you just can’t stand, and in some rare cases, they are even the hero. Allow this article to be a small tribute to all of those video game characters who are despised or live a life of solitude."

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Lelldorianx2472d ago

This is an awesome idea for an article, nicely done!

AG-Mike2472d ago

Thanks Lelldorianx, I have to give it to our Senior Editor, Joe for pulling this off.