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GameRev: Gamers consistently complain about titles with annual release cycles, but Uncharted: Golden Abyss takes it to the next level and lands just three months after Drake’s Deception, without really bringing anything new. Three months might seem like quick turn-around, but I just don’t care. It's more Uncharted, right now.

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Sev2410d ago

Everyone buying a Vita needs to get this and Lumines.

dbjj120882410d ago

So many excellent games to buy... this is the craziest launch ever.

doctorstrange2410d ago

Sony really brought the heat

doctorstrange2410d ago

Awesome game. If you get a Vita, get this + WipEout

teedogg802410d ago

Got them both right now. Just waiting for tomorrow to play them.

doctorstrange2410d ago

Perfect. You will enjoy tomorrow :)

cervantes2402410d ago

All of the awesome things I hear about this game make the wait even more difficult! Glad to hear it's good, though!