Fin Post: Reckoning isn’t Skyrim, but it isn’t trying to be

Fin Post: This is quite different than last year’s landmark open-world RPG, Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, where the entire world was open and the player could pretty much wander wherever they liked.

In many ways, it’s a shame Reckoning came out so soon after the six-million-selling Skyrim, as their superficial similarities — open-ish world, Reckoning‘s creative director was the lead on Elder Scrolls III and IV, the fantasy setting — will probably distract people from noticing that they are fundamentally different games.

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TheController2414d ago

Damn right..... It's better.

But to be honest, after hundreds and hundreds of hours of oblivion and fallout, skyrim is just more of the same, while Amalur is a pretty fresh take on the western RPG.