Is Skyrim's AI Storytelling the Future of Gaming?

What Bethesda has done (and has been working toward since the first Elder Scrolls game) is create a world that works as a system or a simulation, rather than a story that works like a narrative. Fantasy and sci-fi literature is often criticized for spending too much time on the world-building aspect of fiction, at the expense of character development, psychology, and drama - but open-world games like Skyrim turn that kind of criticism upside-down by foregrounding what can happen in the world that's been built.

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Canary2497d ago

I really wish I could play that version of Skyrim. It sounds much more interesting than the game I got.

h311rais3r2497d ago

Yea...the console version kinda sucks huh ...

MysticStrummer2497d ago

The PC does get mods, but if you have to wait for a user to fulfill the promise a developer made about their own game, that kinda sucks too.

Canary2497d ago

...And I see it sailed right over, eh?

MysticStrummer2497d ago

My thoughts exactly. I was playing Skyrim several days ago and thinking about the claims Bethesda made regarding the AI for both Oblivion and Skyrim. I concluded that they are second only to Peter Molyneux in the overpromising and underdelivering department.

Xander-RKoS2497d ago

Maybe not so much Skyrim's Radiant system, but people at the university are definitely working on new AI systems that tell improvised stories. So it is the future.

admiralthrawn872497d ago

skyrim story = mediocre all around the board

Azurite2497d ago

Then I took an arrow in the knee.

Solid_Snake372497d ago (Edited 2497d ago )

I used to be mentally stable.
Then I took this comment in the brain.

gypsygib2497d ago

Skyrim's story is very mediocre, the games good because it massive but the actual stories aren't very good at all.

Xenial2497d ago

The main story was mediocre. The side quests are actually pretty fun and interesting, if not better than the main story.

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