300 movie rental going cheap on Xbox 360

On December 28 for a 24 hour period all Xbox LIVE members will be eligible to download a rental version of Zack Snyder's 300 in high definition for the bargain price of only 100 Microsoft Points.

The cheap rental is being offered as a way to encourage Xbox 360 users to begin using the newly launched Xbox LIVE Marketplace Video Store, currently home to a growing selection of movies available in standard and high definition.

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SCThor3805d ago

I dont want to rent, I want to "own"...I personally think that rental by downloading is just stupid.

People likes to own the movies, DVD, HDDVD, Blu-Ray, whatever media...

Close_Second3805d ago

ummm, I actually no longer prefer to buy. You end up paying for a movie and watching it 2 or 3 times. You then have to store it and look after it. With renting you get it when/if you want to watch it. Ends up being a lot cheaper - especially when most movies sold have such little replay value.

I use to own over 300 DVDs. Totally pointless as when would you ever find the time to watch them all?

deeznuts3805d ago

You can still buy though, just buy it. I prefer to rent, because I rarely watch a movie more than once save for a select few. However, I prefer to rent in Blu-Ray or HD DVD for the simple fact that, I am getting the best picture possible. Short of the master, HD DVD or BD is going to provide much better PQ than anything you download. Just look at the size. The bitrates etc. are much better. Just because two videos are 1080p doesn't make them identical. Lots of compression etc. going on in cable, sattelite, and online HD movies.

I don't mind watching over the net/online for stuff I don't care about PQ, such as some standup comedy etc. But anything that is stunning visually, I'm going for the disc.

tethered3805d ago

I'm new to the 360 world and the point system has me a little confused.
How much money is a Microsoft Point in the US?

I looked here:
on the main 360 site and I cant find where it says anything about how much money a point is.

socomnick3805d ago

Its like 1 dollar and 20 cents. Roughly .

tethered3805d ago

@ socomnick

Thanks and bubble.

okcomputer3805d ago

That points system is obnoxious. You should just be able to use regular money like on psn.

tethered3805d ago (Edited 3805d ago )

@ okcomputer

No one is forcing you to use it.
Also why bring up the PSN here.
This has nothing to do with PSN.

Stop trolling.

@ eLiNeS
bubble to you too for the conversion site.
Very helpful!

lol at the disagrees!

nirwanda3805d ago (Edited 3805d ago )

I wouldn't use anything other than the prepayed card system never been keen on people having my card details on a data base.

Funky Town_TX3805d ago

I have a CC but my 14 year old nephew does not. He can get cards for xmas and birthdays and shop on xbl all day. The cash option would be cool as another option but not as an only option.

okcomputer3805d ago

@ 2.5
It does have to do w/psn because they're comparable systems. I have a 360 anyway, so why would I troll against a system I own? I love my 360 and xbl, I just find the points system annoying. It forces you to convert your money into "tokens" that can only be used on xbl.

2.6 & 2.7 are both valid points though

WilliamRLBaker3805d ago

I like the ms points system, I can see what I want then convert my money, or i can go into stores and get 1600 point cards for cheap (discounts...ect) infact at meijer I get em sunday and mondays using my meijer cedit card for 15% off.

thats like 17 bux for 1600 points.

I dont believe their is any psn money cards yet, and on the average basis psn downloads are much pricer then xbox live atleast when it comes to the arcade games..ect

Talvish3805d ago (Edited 3805d ago )


I agree points can be a pain to figure out exactly what you are paying BUT there is one huge benefit. Every so often places like Best Buy/Circuit City have deals on them. So, for example, this summer there was a deal if you bought $20 dollars of live accessories (points were included) you got $20 bucks to spend on something else.

So I bought 4800 points but got another 4800 points for free. This means I got $120 worth of points for $60. Can't beat that.

tethered3805d ago (Edited 3805d ago )

@ okcomputer
Sorry about the troll comment.

My point is that you could have just said:
-You should just be able to use regular money. (which I happen to agree with btw)

And leave out the PSN part because this news has nothing to do with the PSN.

Just bringing up PSN will start a flamewar and frankly, I'm just a little tired of flamewars.

The whole mine is better than yours thing has gotten really old, really fast.

eLiNeS3805d ago

I got in on the same deal and bought $400 worth for $200. Looks like I will be supporting everything Xbox for awhile and happy to at that price.

Talvish3805d ago

@ eLiNeS - Ya nice that you were able to do that. I would have certainly done more but I finished off what they had as it was (Circuit City). I checked Best Buy to price match (which they have in the past) but they didn't any.

Definitely a good deal. Even today at Amazon they have 1600 points for a dollar off. Saves only 5%, but better than nothing and when you consider there is no sales tax and shipping costs, it is even better.

Downside with points:
- Have to do a convert to know the real cost
- It's like have a mini bank account on Live
Upside with points:
- Can find some amazing deals

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Zhuk3805d ago

This is great value for Xbox 360 consumers, you should not pass it up if you live in the United States

the worst3805d ago

why not
go get the
bluray or hddvd
this movie is not a rent

Boink3805d ago (Edited 3805d ago )

then we would have to buy some stupid hddvd or blu ray drive, and waste more money on discs.

I mean it was a great movie, but I don't want to pay hundreds of $$$, for the privelege of watching it again.

rodellison3805d ago

I think this $1.25 rental is no doubt a good deal.. Personally, i'd be very inclined to use the feature in general a lot more if the rental prices weren't so damn high. An HD rental is (480) points typically, or about $6. A Low res is about $4. Theres no media involved, so why is this so much higher than using something like Netflix, where you get multiple movies per month, the company pays for shipping, dvd/media, etc, but still for less than $5 month.

Bolts3805d ago

Its not about competitive price, its about how much they can charge and get away with it. This is Xbox Live, duh.

rodellison3805d ago

I don't disagree with you - it is always about MS making $$, but $6 for a rental is still too much. If the purpose of the carrot ($1.25 download for his one and only movie) is to try to get people to KEEP using the service (and not just for this one movie), then somethings gotta give on the rental rates.

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