Celebrating Cupid’s Virtual Arrow: Gaming’s Most Memorable Romances

Matt Randisi writes. "Valentine’s Day, the one day a year everyone is motivated to believe in love more than any other day. A reason to go out and buy massive amounts of heart-shaped boxes of chocolates, silly cards professing misconstrued tingling feelings, and boxes of chalk with messages written on them which to this day I am still uncertain on whether they are meant to be ingested or not. Oh but that isn’t what people want to hear, is it? No no, the concept of romance is near and dear to many of our hearts; gamers included. What better way to showcase the potency of romance in the gaming industry than by commemorating the most memorable relationships born out of love in the games themselves? I’ll answer for you…there IS no better way! So with a mild spoiler alert, and no further ado…"

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