Twisted Metal: Shoot My Truck Live Stream Online

MediaStinger: "Got no date for Valentine’s Day? No money to buy the new Twisted Metal on PlayStation 3? Well how would you like to fire a real machine gun at a real truck via the internet all for free?"

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girlwithturn2468d ago

But this
>three lucky individuals every hour
I want to shoot @[email protected]

Snookies122468d ago (Edited 2468d ago )

I won it and missed my chance because I was asleep! >_<

You get a message saying, "You are one lucky bastard!" lol

Christopher2468d ago

That's kind of lame. They should give everyone a set number of bullets or at least one shot and a queue in which they could use it.

Concept is neat as a promotion idea, but this limitation makes it pretty meh and watching the stream is very boring compared to having multiple guns set up and having them go off once every 10s or so.

Solid_Snake372467d ago

Apparently, you press space to shoot.

thedude442468d ago

i never really imagined a game commercial could have been the best superbowl commercial ever, but the one jaffe did was exactly that.

lorianguy2468d ago

I think they're burning all of their profits here! That heavy truck is going to be spinning for the next 30-and-a-half hours on it's podium! Imagine the electricity bills!

Unless they have invested in solar panels of course.

Fylus2467d ago

They are using a cold fusion reactor to maintain their energy usage. God told me so.