The Future of PlayStation

Quoting Push Square's feature:

"Learning from the past
The video game industry, more than most, is a sector defined by transition. In 1994, Sony disrupted Nintendo and SEGA’s chokehold on the market with the release of the original PlayStation. Forward-thinking, trendy and fresh, Sony brought an entirely new mentality to the video game industry — a philosophy it honed with the release of the unstoppable PlayStation 2 in 2000. But transition doesn’t always bring about success, and the company quickly found itself humbled by the faults of the PlayStation 3: over-engineered and put on the market about 12 months too late, the PS3 almost crippled Sony. A hearty rebranding effort – buoyed by an affordable price point – helped to catapult the PlayStation 3 back into relevance, but the distress of the system’s opening years still sit upon the platform’s shoulders like a lead weight.
The repercussions of the PlayStation 3’s troubled laun...

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FriedGoat2492d ago

I've been swayed by Sony this gen, I started with my 360 but 3 years ago I got my playstation 3. I now definetely spend more time on my ps3 and with the vita coming next week I can't wait. Sony need to not be as arrogant next gen and I hope they succeed.

Colwyn2492d ago

The title should be "The future is PlayStation"

pwnmaster30002492d ago

Colwyn you fcking troll lol.
But you made me laugh haha.

I love funny trolls

thedude442492d ago

i like that sony is arrogant, because they get the job done. they release tons of exclusives and great hardware ect ect ect.

hellzsupernova2491d ago

I dont think they released great hardware with the ps3 as it was too difficult to program for, not enough ram etc etc. They have hopefully learnt and the -s4 will be easy to program and have plenty of launch / exclusive games

dalibor2491d ago (Edited 2491d ago )

The Ps3 has great hardware in my theory but it's the bottlenecks that kept it from seeing it's true potential as well as the difficulties to program for it. But than again great hardware can mean different things to people, a catch 22 really. It can mean how advance are the guts inside of it, how reliable it is or even the how difficult it is to program for to point out. And by hardware were you including the controller the system uses as well as the connection cables? See what I mean.

StrongMan2492d ago

PlayStation was supposed to "doomed" for the past six years now but it's still going strong.

PC_Enthusiast 2492d ago

yeah at this point sony is the only hardcore console maker with microsoft going casual like nintendo next gen sadly lets hope microsoft still puts out some decent harware like a strong gpu and not that pathetic radeon 6670 as rumored..

thedude442491d ago


512 standard for consoles

60 gig backwards compatible

and my 60 gb is going strong since 2006

and it is difficult to program for but the results speak for themselves, you get the best looking console games money can buy.

dalibor2491d ago

I probably will get a PS4 come next gen, been a Playstation gamer ever since the Psx but I also remember the days of gaming on Nintendo and Sega systems, systems that I will always remember and respect. The best system is when it caters to everyone and in my opinion that is what Playstation does best(Pc does this as well if not better). Games for almost every genre out there and it hasn't forgotten about the hardcore gamers. At least not yet...