IGN | The Greatest Video Game Couples

IGN writes " Valentine's Day is here and to commemorate the occasion we've compiled a list of our favorite video game couples. Whether they're super sweet, tragic, or sometimes just messed up, we can't help loving them."

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LittleWashu1803d ago Show
MySwordIsHeavenly1803d ago

I like MOST of these couples...but some are just like...what?

Why would they choose the Prince and Farah over the Prince and Eleka?!? That makes no sense to me.

My biggest problems are Mario/Princess Peach, Dom/Maria (There was barely ANY back sad as it was.), and the Dragon Age couples. I didn't believe it.

Rivitur1803d ago

Where's Chell and the always loveable Companion Cube?

Rivitur1802d ago

Think about it the companion cube is her only friend since Chell is locked away from society. Also the player gets attached to it as it took me 30min to incinerate it and when I did a piece of me died inside.

dinkeldinkse1802d ago

Where's Chris and Wesker (RE5)?

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