Expect the next Grand Theft Auto 5 details at E3 2012

"Don't look to GDC 2012 for GTA 5 news," says GameZone's Matt Liebl. Instead look to E3 2012 for Grand Theft Auto 5 news.

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NYC_Gamer2132d ago (Edited 2132d ago )

R* never attends E3 they will give us details way before then at some type of T2 meeting

guitarded772132d ago (Edited 2132d ago )

I agree we should see something before E3, but I wouldn't be surprised if the game is shown during Sony's or Microsoft's presser.

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BattleTorn2132d ago

none-the-less I expect R* to release the details close to around E3 dates. Most likely very shortly before, and if not then then the same week.

spike2132d ago

Rockstar never showed any new footage at E3 so why would they start now

StanSmith2132d ago

Can't wait that long! Why must you be such a tease Rockstar? Lol!

I have a feeling that GTA5 will be announced as a WiiU launch title as well as being a PS3 & 360 title. Let's hope MS keep their grubby hands away from the DLC this time!

DA_SHREDDER2132d ago

I'm calling it now, GTA5 and Agent will be PS4 launch titles. Can't Wait! I'll just put the ps3's I'm not using in the bedrooms, my slim is gonna go good with my Sony google tv sitting in the bedroom.

BlmThug2129d ago

'Call' all you want but it aint happening