Mass Effect 3 with Kinect – Tested

The Average Gamer tested how responsive the Kinect is during the Mass Effect 3 demo.

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StrongMan2493d ago

It would have been much better to just press the button

pwnmaster30002493d ago (Edited 2493d ago )

I thought so to, but playing the ps3 version I realise how much easier it is to use the other powers that you didnt put for the l2 and r2, to say it instead of going to the power wheele and then choosing it. Just my opinion

sonicsidewinder2493d ago

So much for "when you press a button, something awesome has to happen" lol.

Forza_is_King2493d ago

In some cases u r right. Like open door and picking something up. However you couldn't be more wrong when it comes to the combat. It's night and day. Really is so much better with kinect because it's more fluid and immersive. No more stopping in the middle of a great fight to tell your teammates what to do, where to move or what weapons and skills to use against what enemy.

brettyd2493d ago

Does Kinect only recognize robot voice or can you talk like a normal person?

legreffer2493d ago

you can talk naturally.

IM_KINECTED2493d ago

The Kinect features are great if you just want to keep up with the action and not pause the game to switch everyone's weapons or pick abilities. I have played the game with and without the Kinect and I actually feel the time with the Kinect flowed better as a game.

To those thinking you have to scream or something, it's not like that, you just use a regular voice and it picks it up every time and executes the commands.

This is an excellent option to anyone with a Kinect.

jay22493d ago

finally a reason for me to buy kinect.

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