Take-Two: We Won't "Harvest" Franchises

You can harvest Little Sisters in BioShock, but publisher Take-Two said Tuesday that it wouldn't "harvest" its franchises, as management spoke out against the mass-annualization of publishers' game portfolios.

Not terribly long ago, sports games were pretty much the only types of games that saw annual releases. Today, we see annual releases in practically all major genres.

Take-Two chairman Strauss Zelnick said in the company's quarterly earnings call that, outside of sports games, the publisher will not be adopting that practice to the same degree as some of its competitors.

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mariusmal3807d ago

could this mean no bioshock 2 ?

Charlie26883807d ago

No, it probably means no Bioshock RTS, no Bioshock Street, no Bioschock Underground, No Pro Bioshock 2009, No Bioshock Zuma, no Bioshock Airborne, no Medal of Bioshock...etc.

you get the picture :)

solar3807d ago

no hello bioshock's island adventure? :(

mrguru3807d ago

yeah its stupid, only sports games need to be on a yearly basis, this makes games washed down and terrible after their millionth iteration such as tony hawk, game just declined to nothingness, give the devs time and make them creative!!!

TheMART3807d ago

Bioshock 2 with multiplayer and console exclusive on the 360 again @ Christmas 2009 is my guess

salgoods3807d ago

your an a$$. thats my guess

angel6043807d ago

i expect it to go multiplat along with mass effect by 2009

Sayai jin3807d ago

@Angel604- I did not give you a disagree (hit the button), but I do disagree with your statement. Bioshock and Mass Effect will stay MS exclusive. I know many people say that EA purchased Mass Effect's Parent company and EA is a multi-plat dev. What people are forgetting is that MS has alredy inked a deal with both companies to keep the games exclusive and a meticulous as MS is I am pretty sure there is a clause in the agreement (legal document) that is substantiated if such thing like this occured (EA I mean). The bottome line though MS has the deep pockets to sign or keep almost any dev they want (in respects). Even if they did not sign them for a second game 2 years ago when the games were thought of; after the success each received they would have surely paid for the rest to stay exclusive. I can not prove this, but I have heard that in cases like Rockstar, etc MS was said to go into the meeting with a blank check and stated name ou price to make a game or make an exclusive game for MS, who knows but they definatley have the funds to do so.

Also, as long as MS keeps the lead it has on Sony (this is debatle by some), most devs simply will choose to devlop for the system with the largest install base, especially with a 3 to 1 or to 1 margin. Even though it may suck for those who do not like it, but it is a simple fact a dev "saying right now I can make a game for the PS3 and make said amount of dollars (reubels, pesos, or wahtever) or I can go multi plat and make it for the 360 and make 2 to 4 times more. The only this does not happen is if Sony pays extra money to compensate for this, which is a huge amount. On the other hand the same company can say " We can make this game for the 360, which has a larger attach rate and larger install base (hence the big exclusives selling over 1 million the first month or less) or make more going multi plat for the PS3. Not doubt that it would give them more money doing this, but MS can do the same thing and counter by compensating the company , but this would be easier for MS since the amount would be significantly smaller (what I mention above about Sony).

All this set aside I support and have all 3 systems and want to see superb exclusives stay on each console, that why I want games like KZ2, MGS4, etc to saty on the PS3 in the same likes. It keeps both companies honest and ever ready to please us....the GAMERS!

UltramanJ3806d ago

Where to start...You mentioned that M$ has inked a deal with "both companies" in regards to Mass Effect, which I'm assuming you mean Bioware and EA. There has been no mention whatsoever anywhere of Microsoft striking any kind of deal with EA regading Mass Effect, so you're wrong there. Also, M$'s deal with Bioware was before EA owned them and the Mass Effect IP. Even if M$ maintains the rights to publish all three titles, it means little, because it's EA's baby and at some point they'll be putting Mass Effect on other consoles.They're a publisher and their business is to make money, not kiss Microsoft's ass. It's EA's call, Microsoft isn't the one with the power over this IP.
I don't know why you mentioned Bioshock because there was indeed a PS3 version in the works (and it's rumored to be coming still), until M$ paid $$$$$ for either a timed exclusive, or exclusiveness entirely.
Just for the record I already own Mass Effect and Bioshock for the 360, so I'm not some dillusional Sony pawn. I'm just clearing some stuff up.

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XENOCIDE3807d ago (Edited 3807d ago )

They'll definetly produce a sequel, money talks and sequels can be good. It's just when you try n' turn 1 great game into many, many other things (such as the Halo, which I'm a large fan of, or Half Life franchises). That was a great statement from Take-Two.