Duke Nukem Forever: How Can it Blow Us Away?

Via Ripten:

"Over ten years in the making, Duke Nukem Forever has the potential to be a bloated, confusing mess of worn-out ideas and half-hearted attempts. Overambition is the enemy of any game designer (just ask Peter Molyneux or Yasumi Matsuno). Yet, even when the main goal at this point is to just hurry up and get the product out the door, there are still a few ways that the game could capture our hearts and minds all over again.

The first thing they need to do is give us the most interactive environments this side of a Kojima game. Remember how we obsessed over the way ice cubes melted when the first hands-on previews of Metal Gear Solid 2 hit the web? With this much development time under their belts, Broussard and company better have a crazy amount of detail in their game."

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Charlie26883743d ago

I think the winning formula would be to literally take EVERYTHING of the classic DN3D and adapt it with new graphics and some of the already standard things done by modern FPS

Basically keep all the charisma and personality Duke had back in the day and that is so HEAVILY modern FPS lack

but knowing how many reviews (and gamers) NEVER seem to understand what a dev was trying to do one could probably expect some stupid reviews and comments from gamers >.> "the game feel as if they adapted the old formula with new graphics" 6/10 and for more the people that actuall understood it say "But that was the WHOLE POINT!" they will replay "no, its just a bad game" >.>

JsonHenry3743d ago

All they have to do is keep Duke the same hard ass he has always been, the same rock music, and the same over the top killing from the original with better graphics and this game will be a hit.

I LOVE the feeling you get when your character trash talks the aliens like they are ants even when they are three times your size.

MK_Red3743d ago

"How Can it Blow Us Away?" simply by being released :)

Zhuk3743d ago

As soon as I heard Duke talk in that trailer, consider me blown away

DarkSniper3743d ago

Duke Nukem Forever can blow Dark Sniper away by being announced as a Wii exclusive.


Mr Playboy3743d ago

I just hope they don't change the engine this Time.

GodsHand3743d ago

It's called Duke Nukem Forever, because it will take F-O-R-E-V-E-R to come out.

Besides that the first trailer was better.

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The story is too old to be commented.