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"Originally released as a mobile game, Dungeon Hunter Alliance has received a lot of reiterations between platforms. With mostly positive reviews, Gameloft hopes to have similar success on the Playstation Vita and reach a new audience. With improved graphics and utilization of the Vita’s touch screens, will Dungeon Hunter Alliance be a worthy launch title for Sony’s new handheld?" - JPS

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ZombieStalker2495d ago

Reviewer compares the Vita version as a port from other platforms. Review says the game has gotten mostly positive reviews yet stats the vita version has an unoriginal story and dull dungeons. Wouldn't this be the same for the game on other platforms? So the reviewer gives the game a 50% score because the price is high and the reviewer didn't like the touch features (yet all the traditional controls are still there). I don't think a 50% score drop is fair because of the price. Maybe a 70,! Poor review.

knifefight2495d ago

It's an inferior version of a game that first game out 3 years ago on mobile (a year ago on PS3), and it costs 3 times as much as the PS3 version, and multiplayer is less accessible than the PS3 version because everyone has to have a Vita and a copy of the game. Another review:

You're right that Justpushstart is a lame site, but it's not because of this review.