New Challenger: Glimpse

Default Prime writer Chris Stewart celebrates the fact Skyrim is now patched and working by describing something that happened to him while he was playing the game and how it changed his experience for the better.

"Thank goodness, Skyrim has been patched on PlayStation 3! I can finally go back and rediscover the grumbling hulk that is my Orc. His name is Zalrith. The poor fellow has few things in his life that he truly cares about. One is his love of blacksmithing; spending hours bathed in the sweltering heat of the forge as new creations come to life in his hands allows him to glimpse something akin to divinity. He flat out refuses to carry any weapon not forged by his own hands and favours a beastly, dark war hammer he named Blister for the injuries he received whilst forging it. His other great love also involves Blister; when in battle, which is often, he has been known to swing the hammer with prodigal strength and speed, defeating his enemies with the deadly combination. Ra...

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