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Lirky2200d ago

I really wish teasers etc. would appear feb. 25th instead of early in the mid-month.

VanguardOfCalamity2200d ago

Maybe someone can answer this for me ... but considering how they make a certain "half-done" reaper at the end of Mass Effect 2 that takes after the specicies in which it is made - why are so many reapers - at least as it appears in the footage I've seen including this one - that all seem to favor the first reaper from ME1... would not every reaper be somewhat different?? Was there just a ton of that species?? Was the "half-done" reaper made to look like that speciies because "they" are somehow ... guess important isn't the right word... but unique? maybe- just some thoughts people..

Christopher2200d ago (Edited 2200d ago )

It's easier, from a design perspective, to have a common 'general' reaper among the hundreds or thousands of them than it is to design each one specifically based on the race(s) from which they are derived.

I'm guessing that the generic reaper ships will look like the one from the first game and we'll see different versions for major encounters.

Christopher2200d ago

Uncanny valley. The kid creeps me out. Can't wait to see the full teaser, though.


I love that "transformer type" robot sound. :)

pandehz2200d ago

What a terrible video player.

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