Wish List for next PS3 Updates

Slashgear writes:

"PS3 is not just a typical game console. I picked one up not too long ago on the advice of a video enthusiast. Like me, he is not much of a gamer and was frustrated with playback issues from these so called dedicated Blu-Ray players. I never thought PS3 has replaced the standalone and remained in my components shelf for Blu-Ray playback but it did.

I recently added another flagship HD-DVD player to compliment the HI-Def set up. The quality is fine but It reminds me how much I appreciate the superiority of PS3 handling problematic Hi-def media. Loading and booting is super fast, basic control is as responsive as a legacy DVD player. It makes me think, why can't they makes standalone hardware better than a game console?

Despite the short fall in the gaming arena, Sony did well with PS3 Hi-Def media. Statically, it's the best selling Hi-Def player, loaded with future proof powerful cells and gets updated consistently than any Hi-Def player out there. Ps3 has successes in bringing a non-gamer like me purchasing not one but two ps3 games so far; the same reason I believe it did the same for gamers to persuade Blu-Ray media. Here's my PS3 wish list as a Blu-Ray player. Santa, please bring me DTS-MA decoding, profile 2.0, built in full Video Calibration patterns with 709 color space and bring back the transport stream support."

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Chris_GTR13742d ago (Edited 3742d ago )

why is this crap aproved?? its some random guysw wish list. and it sucks anyways, we want ingame XMB!

Retro-Virus (1) - 0 minutes ago
THC CELL (2) - 15 minutes ago
Kar33m (2) - 21 minutes ago
dk_2kx (2) - 25 minutes ago
Charlie2688 (2) - 26 minutes ago
squallsoft (1) - 42 minutes ago

you guys ^^ are the biggest morons on this site.

Retro-Virus3742d ago (Edited 3742d ago )

Wtf ?

I want DTS-MA decoding so I approved it, if you even know what it means then fine, let me be a moron.

Plus did you even read the artile ? He uses it as a High-Def player so his wish list makes perfect sense.

The only morons on this site are those who agreed with that retarded statement of yours.

Darkiewonder3742d ago


FW Update 2.11 is coming soon.

Xemnas3742d ago

lets see IN GAME XMB............i cant think of anything els lol oh umm sending voice messages.

Marceles3742d ago

OK his list is to upgrade the Blu-ray player more? Lame. My wish list is:

1. In-game messaging or voice chat, something that can make me communicate with someone from my friends without leaving the damn game

2. More rumble patches.

3. Be able to send videos and voice messages instead of only pictures to friends

4. For all PS compatible games and movies to be playable through remote play: PS1, PS2, and PS3, Blu-ray, DVD...

That's about all I care about for now...


so his wishlist is different than yours . All i want is in game video chat , how about that ? Now that is cooler that texting somebody .

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