G4TV:Twisted Metal Review

G4:It's a fiery blast from the past as Sweet Tooth and the gang return for more vehicular homicide. The Twisted Metal tournament goes online and off this time around, complete with plenty of cars, arenas, and creepy heavy metal vibes.

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NYC_Gamer2292d ago

fans of the franchise will enjoy the game regardless of reviews

Thatguy-3102292d ago

Exactly. If you enjoy the franchise regardless of the score. Man why can't this Gen be like last? Everyone was happy then. Don't recall review score's meaning anything.

MaxXAttaxX2291d ago

This was a comment by the reviewer:

""First off, 3 was my optimistic score. If you're happy playing a game that's nearly 20 years old""

Apparently the vibe was "too old-school" and "unrealistic" for him and didn't focus on what mattered or what the game does right appropriately.
What kind of gamer says that kinda sh**?

Here's a better review:
It's not the score what counts as much as the context of the review itself and how it was written.

Tonester9252291d ago

I love the smell when you open a new game. PSN: TONESTER_925

ritsuka6662292d ago (Edited 2292d ago )

ehh...this score = 60

Man,I wanted to love this game, but the controls ruined it for me. sad this...maybe a patch with "fix" it?

Ron_Danger2292d ago

"the controls"... It's the same controls as its always been...

Unless this is your first twisted metal, than it's understandable cause they are a little different than other games involving shooting things

MrDead2292d ago

If you don't like the controls then this game is not for you, it handles how Twisted Metal should handle.

Virtual_Reality2292d ago

A gamer it is supposed to have the skills to adapt in any game. The controls are fine once you understand how to use them.

Arnon2290d ago

Who... said that? That's basically saying that every game is worth playing, no matter how bad the controls are.

geddesmond2292d ago

Yeah how can you talk controls when the series has always had these controls lol. You expecting a combat car game to control like COD or something lol.

LoLZoRz2292d ago

you can change controls in the options.

racer controls are great. are people this stupid so they can't even check options?

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spunnups2292d ago

twisted metal is one of my favorite franchises, i havent even tried the demo cuz i want to be fully shocked and awed day 1. about to head out and pick up my copy. see u guys online. add me on PSN. spunnups.

MrDead2292d ago

"The game play and physics feel almost as if they were ripped from the original PSOne game"

Well their negative is my positive

Spydr072292d ago

Would be even moreso if it had be ripped straight from TM2. That was my favorite of the series.

spunnups2292d ago

Black was pretty damn good, its a toss up IMO

MrDead2292d ago

From what I remember World Tour handled much the same just more weapons. I wonder if they’ve kept the Statue of Liberty’s bikini which you saw after you shot her toga off?

ginsunuva2291d ago

If it was different, they'd say: It lacks the feel of the originals.

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The story is too old to be commented.