in Retaliation of COD: Black Ops: Top 5 Video Game Endings

"Video Games Interactive writes:" When I was originally introduced to the news that Black Ops was home to the greatest ending in gaming history, I felt sick! There's no arguing with the success of the Call of Duty franchise.Each year a new entry is released onto a hungry public and each year it sells in its millions will little to no effort.

The question I ask is this: Is Black Ops really deserving of the accolade of “Best Ending Ever?”

Simply put, no!

So sit back and let VGI showcase five other endgame finales that destroy Black Ops when it comes to great endings.

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Solid_Snake372499d ago (Edited 2499d ago )

What the hell.... Is it just me or this guy actually made it worse?

This is probably come out as biased since I'm a mgs die hard fan, but it looks like this guy never played a mgs game. I mean look at mgs3's ending where you kill the boss, the game literally made you kill the boss with your own hands. Remember? Press square to kill the boss? I actually shed a mainly tear watching that part. It took me a good 10 mins to pull myself to press square. That game changed me....