Digital Chumps: Twisted Metal Review

Twisted Metal is a pretty fun game. I understand that statement is passively bland and opaque, but when examined closely it reveals more about Twisted Metal than one may first suspect. It's actually a fun game in the sense that it doesn't seem overly concerned with the gross artificiality and assumed necessities that have risen in popularity and become and staples of the current generation. This isn't to imply Twisted Metal is mechanically dated or conceptually bankrupt, but rather that it feels like it was built from the ground up to grind fun out of learning and becoming proficient in its systems, rather than the modern positive reinforcement generator of racing toward the next unlock. Ask anyone would loved the original, its first sequel, or even the underappreciated Rogue Trip; car combat is literally a lost art, a genre abandoned by a progression in game design that we all assumed left its concept antiquated and irrelevant. How wonderful is it for Eat Sleep Play, a relatively s...

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Majin-vegeta2494d ago

Was wondering where the reviews were.

Great review can't wait to pick it up.

lorianguy2494d ago

I swear you say this about every game...

I mean.. is there such thing as a Fanboy of Everything?

Oschino19072494d ago

It's called being a "prisoner of the moment", it shows up like wild fire every time a decently known game releases. There is always a bunch of "those guys" in every review article.

girlwithturn2494d ago

Not for new gen of players. There is no checkpoints, no thousands cutscenes, no easy difficulty, no perks and no bad russians.

Der_Kommandant2494d ago

Twisted Metal was my first love back in 1995 :D

smashcrashbash2494d ago

As I thought. People will be divided for and against the game. So far 9s and 8s and 7s.