Bioshock Infinitely better on PS3

Bioshock Infinite is one of the bigger and most anticipated games coming out this year, and whilst it's very much a multi format release appearing not only on PS3, Xbox 360 and PC platforms, there's perhaps reason to go for the PS3 version if you're owning both an Xbox and PS3 console.

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fluffydelusions2435d ago

An Xbox site saying the PS3 version is better. That is something you don't see very often.

StanLee2435d ago

Yeah, infinitely better for the handful of people who have 3DTVs.

NukaCola2435d ago (Edited 2435d ago )

Getting the original Bioshock is great for peeps who arent familiar with this amazing series. ( I wonder if the 1 BS is in 3D too)

I am really excited to ride the skyrails in 3D with Move. Going down at 80 mph in 3D looks like such a rush. That sounds like some of the most immersive FPS style action ever.

SilentNegotiator2435d ago (Edited 2435d ago )

@Stan Lee

And the 8+ Million who own Move. But I'm not surprised by the damage control.

RedDead2435d ago

Bioshock Infinitely better on PC

inveni02435d ago

I couldn't see myself using Move with Bioshock, but I could definitely see using it in 3D. If the PC version supports 3D (as I'm sure it will), that will be the go-to version for me.

T9002435d ago (Edited 2435d ago )

What sort of fools do these devs take the PS3 gamers for? Everytime a game is about to release they feel the need to assure the PS3 gamers that their platform will be the best. Yet when the game roles out its almost always:

1. PC (even if its a entry level PC).
2. Xbox 360
3. PS3

Its funny though PS3 gamers on this site most of the time fall for developers crap whos just looking to sell his game.

Now the PS3 and Xbox might switch places or may even tie up however most of the time Xbox is ahead.

Regarding 3D i am sure the PC version will support 3d no questions asked.

IMO 3D on consoles is a gimmick, consoles hardly have 30 games supported in 3D while PC has over 500 games. Next up games running in 3D on console usually require alot of compromise in resolution and graphics on a decent PC none of those compromises need to be made.

reynod2435d ago (Edited 2435d ago )

I personally upgraded my monitors on the PC. I now have 3 120hz monitors.

My PC can currently run most games at 5760*1080 with 2x aa, maxed out settings, 3D and about 60fps on most games.

Nvidia surround vision supports tons of games. I do not think even the next consoles to be released can pull off such performance.

T9002435d ago Show
StanSmith2435d ago (Edited 2435d ago )


"First i am not a fanboy, i dont own any of the toyboxes."

Really? You say you're not a fanboy then refer to consoles as "toyboxes". You've clearly proven that you are.

TheFreak2435d ago (Edited 2435d ago )

Pc fanboy is what it's called I think.

MysticStrummer2435d ago

"Infact many of the time the PS3 version of arent even playable."

I guess I'd better let all the Skyrim and BF3 playing people on my friend list know they should stop playing those games. If you say they're unplayable it must be true. How could we not have noticed??? I guess I should be proud of my 250 hours playing an unplayable game against all odds. The fact is that a very small number of multiplats are substantially better on one console than the other, but the vast majority are so close it takes a side by side pixel counting comparison to tell the difference.

Bigpappy2435d ago (Edited 2435d ago )

8 million people do not own the Move. It would be the exception for a Move owner to own only one move.

CarlitoBrigante2435d ago (Edited 2435d ago )

@T900: First: I never accused you of being a fanboy but the second you called consoles toyboxes you proved you are. Congratulations.

2nd: I knew you would come up with Skyrim framerate issues, its the fault of Crapthesta for releasing not optimizing their games for PS3, this has been like that sicne Fallout 3. This is the only exception to the hundreds of games out there.

When the ratio is 1:1000, you know Craptesta is at fault and not the PS3. Think again boy.

3rd: I play Battlefield 3 on PS3 and have clocked nearly 235 hours into it and never once I had I input lag on my Plasma TV. Dont talk nonsense just becoz you browse N4G and found 1 negative article about input lag. Never have I seen complains about input lag on PS3 for months on the BF3 forums or here on N4G.

4th: Yet you didnt come up with arguments why multiplat games look better on 360 then PS3. I gave you a lsit of the greatest releases of last year cept Skyrim. Whats the difference in Portal 2 huh? Or Assassins Creed? Rayman? LA Noire?

I'm sure you will come up with: "bbb bbbuu bbuuuutt... ze 360 version haz 7 pixels moar then PS3 verzion becoz I haz look on LenzOfTruth"

sikbeta2435d ago (Edited 2435d ago )

lol people, pixel-counting games that are pretty freaking similar is so pointless xD

SilentNegotiator2435d ago (Edited 2435d ago )

"Infact many of the time the PS3 version of arent even playable. Recent examples being Skyrim (frame rate drops), BF3 the years biggest shooter (input lag). I dont see such problems happening with 360 versions of games"

If I had to pick a console for Battlefield 3 (uh, well, I did), then I'd pick the one with MLAA, even if it meant a few extra frames of input lag (ZOMG! What a deal breaker!!). And that version is PS3.

Oh and Portal 2 also had MLAA on the ps3 version and a blur filter on the 360 version.

So, sure, you can nitpick games from companies that have never put effort into the ps3 version of their games, like Bethesda....

.....but when games like Battlefield 3 have MLAA on the ps3 and a glorified blur filter on the 360 version, and you have to put them in super-slow-mo to show me how "horrible" the ps3 version is, you're clearly trying too hard.

"It would be the exception for a Move owner to own only one move"


Oh right, because of all like.....5 of those Move games that have you use two of them, right? Still clinging to that excuse, eh?
Okay, 7.5 million.
Happy, pappy?

Oh, and it's already been well established that the 8 million count is NOT including nav controllers, so don't even go there.

Or perhaps it's just "totally not fair" that multiple people use multiple controllers, right? TOTALLY unfair to other peripheral's sales charts of glory! *sobs* Don't worry, the controllers are only $50 a piece, so Sony isn't making too much for multiple players; you don't have to twist it THAT hard.

da_2pacalypse2435d ago

3D does not make a game better, sorry.

badz1492435d ago

"IMO 3D on consoles is a gimmick,..."

and on PC it doesn't? 3D is a gimmick everywhere, not just on consoles, dude! there is not a single game out there requires 3D or else it's unplayable! get your fact straight!

"Next up games running in 3D on console usually require alot of compromise in resolution and graphics on a decent PC none of those compromises need to be made."

get out of here! 3D is about perspective and say it with a straight face that KZ3, Motorstorm Apocalypse and Uncharted 3 don't look stunning in 3D! oh...I guess you can't because you're too busy counting pixels while playing 3D games!

on "decent PCs" you say? I have a HD4850 on my 3 years old pc, decent enough right? more raw power than any console out there but 3D? no way I'm getting away with 3D without any compromise! this one still struggle to run all games at 1080p let alone 1080p 3D!

you're a pc only gamer and you said you don't care about other "toyboxes". so, why didn't you stay not caring and just be thankful that you think you get your money worth, able to run all games on ultra setting on your so called superior pc? just wanna make sure people know how big a douchebag you are? congrats, you've succeeded!

BattleAxe2435d ago (Edited 2435d ago )

I think T900 is a WiiU fanboy (in stealth).

@ Bigpappy

Its no wonder you only have one bubble....btw, my bubble is better than yours.

EVILDEAD3602435d ago (Edited 2435d ago )

LOL @ people still pretending this blog site is an actual 360 site. It's been a PS3 site disguised as a 360 site from day one. They get their hits with flame titles from N4G and that is what keeps them going.

When it came time for them to list 360 games etc. these guys were straight newbies. Which pretty much showed what the site was all about.

Hey it's a free country and that what these guys do, but MSWORLD is NOT a TRUE 360 site at all.,never have been and never will be.

on topic..

3D still won't stop 360 owners from supporting what will be an amazing addition to the franchise.

But, it's cool either way that the PS3 got the version of the game. Both Uncharted 3 and Gears of War 3 are amazing in 3D.


moschops902435d ago

"First i am not a fanboy, i dont own any of the toyboxes".
oh no no no you ARE a fanboy, its just that you think you are not.

T9002435d ago (Edited 2435d ago )

So many people failing at comprehending what they read its not even funny.

When i said i am not a fanboy i ment i am not a fan of any console. Sure i am a PC fan. However since i am not a console fan i am not biased toward any one of them. Which places me in a position where i really dont care which one performs better.

However from most reviews it can be judged that the 360 does perform better.

Now regarding 3D being a gimmick on consoles. The reason its a gimmick because there are barely 35-40 games that support 3D on console and even the ones that do support tend to run at lower resolutions or have frame rate drops. Current console hardware isnt cut out for 3D. On the PC side however there are over 500 games on Nvidias library alone, hence that gives the user a huge selection of games, plus with decent hardware these games can run in 1080p 3D 40-60fps which is very decent. On console its almost as if they are trying to get a marketing checkmark on the product.

Dee_912435d ago

okay t900 next time we wont go by what you say we will somehow read your mind to know what you mean to say.
How could you be biased towards let alone judge consoles when you dont own either Just stop typing right now and go sit on your hands.

Septic2434d ago

Lol...are people still getting fooled by this so-called Xbox website?? For shame lol.

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GribbleGrunger2435d ago

and he doesn't even mention you can play it with the MOVE

grailly2435d ago

what he doesn't mention is you get bioshock with it

SilentNegotiator2435d ago (Edited 2435d ago )

"It has been confirmed for a while that the PS3 version would allow for Move and 3D support"

Paragraph 3 (including first block of text before image as a paragraph), sentence 1.

YodaCracker2435d ago

It's msxbox-world. They always do stuff like this.

hellvaguy2435d ago

msxbox-world has always been a stealth troll site for 360 games, just sayin...

Colwyn2435d ago

I can't wait for the ps vita.

xAlmostPro2435d ago (Edited 2435d ago )

He also states that because ps3 get's 3d support there other versions will basically suck. Because he's played uncharted and killzone 3 -_-

They be trolling a little. Ps3 getting more features + bioshock 1 free, so lets say the feature will ruin the game :L

ZippyZapper2435d ago

People who think msxboxworld is an Xbox site are stoned. Msxbox is a Playstation horde den. Go to another site other than N4G you all would know this.

Muerte24942435d ago

Gear of war 3 supports 3d. I just bought the Sony 55HX929 and I've only been playing Gears3 in 2d. Meanwhile, I've played Killzone3 in 3d and it was quite an experience. About to go try out that 3d in Gears3.

FriedGoat2435d ago

Its a SUB-HD mess, just like most other console games in 3D.

Neko_Mega2435d ago

True to some point, MSN did write a review once saying Kinect is just like the Wii remote (without the Wii Plus) and Move was like using a keyboard and mouse.

That review got remove kind of fast lol.

thedude442435d ago

true, i will get the superior ps3 version.

showtimefolks2435d ago

i will get it on ps3 because i never got the chance to play bioshock so i will get the game for free even though its 10 bucks right now lol. 3d tv i don't have one and i don't plan to get one till tehy come out with one with glasses

metsgaming2435d ago

lol at the title, very clever.

Emilio_Estevez2435d ago

You'd be surprised, this site actually does it quite often. I would dare say they are un-biased.

ChrisW2435d ago

It's news great for the 0.001% of PS3 owners who have 3D capable TVs... I mean after all, 2D TVs represent 95.5 percent of the LCD TV market.

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bunt-custardly2435d ago

Another big release to support 3D, nice. Hopefully it's a feature that does end up in the Xbox version when all is said and done.

Gearshead752435d ago

Well since I haven't gone 3D yet I guess I'm safe either way. After watching some sporting events in 3D I'm not as impressed as I was with the 3D for anything besides gaming. Killzone and Batman were awesome in 3D, but not enough to make me want to purchase a new set-up.

RaidensRising2435d ago

Sony have an interest in 3D more than MS due to selling 3D displays. It will be a shame if not everyone can experience Bioshock in 3D but such is life.

Kurt Russell2434d ago

I can't, I ain't got that kinda money.

LightofDarkness2435d ago

Well, I have a 3D monitor for my PC, but I doubt I'll be playing the game in 3D. I'd prefer to have my 120FPS if possible ;)

Letros2435d ago

Aye, I ended up selling my 3D Vision Kit, True 120Hz 2D >>> 60Hz 3D.

honkyjesus2435d ago

I have to put game mode on for my 120HZ.

Letros2435d ago (Edited 2435d ago )

Well this is true-120hz, specific to PC monitors, which can actually accept a 120hz signal. HDTV's cannot do this, it's a post processed effect, so yes, Game Mode is far superior to pseudo-120hz on HDTVs, you're vastly reducing input lag.

humbleopinion2435d ago

You do realize that your screen probably does not really show you 120 frames from the game engine even it you were fooled to buy a 120HZ screen, right? You are basically limited by the screen engine to 60fps no matter what you try to pull, and then the 120HZ screens only use interpolation to create intermediate frames (which is bad for gaming because it can have negative effect on the lag due to extra processing required by the screen).

Regardless, it's still probably better than 3D gaming on consoles since the added resolution hampers resolution/performance compared to 2D gaming.
It will be more interesting to see how Bioshock Infinite fares on the PS3 in regular 2d in the first place: previous Bioshock games looked inferior on that platform, but they weren't developed by irrational games so I hope they can pull better performance and work their magic.
(on the other hand, the engine is based on unreal which traditionally also has slighly weaker performance on the PS3, so I guess we'll have to wait and see)

LightofDarkness2435d ago

You DO realize I know the difference between 120hz and frame interpolation, right? Did you notice how that comes off as smug and over-bearing? What did we learn from this?

fullmetal2972435d ago

the reason why 120hz is a minimal requirement for 3D on PC is because the the frames are split in half between both eyes for maximum of 60 frames per eye. And since you are rendering the same frame for each eye then the game must be rendered twice, which is why stereoscopic 3D is very tolling. PS3 games achieve 3D by cutting the resolution and gaming settings to maintain performance.

humbleopinion2434d ago

Of course I do. However, do you realize that most 120hz do not even support 120FPS INPUT? So no matter what the marketing label claims, they can only interpolate frames - they simple can't support 120 frames (@1080P) input no matter what the source can throw at them. Only a few (and very expensive) screens actually support "real" 120FPS input.

And even if you are lucky enough to have such a screen, most likely your actual input cable will not support this: HDMI connection for example supports a maximum of 75FPS in version 1.4.
Sure, it supports much higher resolutions so you can theoretically fit 2 full 1080P frames in a single bigger frame (that's how 3d is implemented), but these two frames will have to be transmitted as a single frame and you therefore won't have real 120fps but rather some duplicated frames.

The only current way to get a proper 120FPS signal today is to have:
1) a screen that actually supports 120FPS (and not just 120HZ!)
2) Dual DVI connection capable of running WUXGA resolution: 1,920 × 1,200 @ 120 Hz with CVT-RB blanking (2 x 154 MHz)
3) A source that is able to transmit 120FPS @ 1,920 × 1,200 over dual DVI - so effectively a VERY powerful graphics card assuming that Biochock infinite will not be a sucker in the graphics department.

So good luck with that. If you already have this setup I can only envy you.

LightofDarkness2434d ago (Edited 2434d ago )

My god man. I have an LG W2363-D, connected to my PC via a DVI-D cable at 1920x1080/120hz. By the time Bioshock is released I'll have either SLI GTX 580s or a Kepler based GPU (I prefer single card setups), which will certainly get me above 60FPS at least.

So yes, I AM running my monitor at 120hz, and can see the benefits once a game is running above 90-100FPS. It is immediately noticeable when navigating the desktop.

We get it, you've read a lot about the subject, you don't have to spout off the entire Wikipedia entry. I think it's fair to say that most people who commented here know enough about the subject, I wasn't "suckered in" by marketing hype, I used to run all of my games on a 120hz CRT pre-2006 and I've known the differences for a long time from first-hand experience.

It's funny how you say "Of course I do" when asked if you know that it comes off as smug and overbearing, and then continue on to lecture all of us ignorant suckers on the answer to the same question nobody asked.

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