2 New PSVita Advertisements Released

It appears that the $50 million spent on PSVita advertising is starting to ramp up with the release of 2 new advertisements for the portable system.

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badz1492408d ago (Edited 2408d ago )

and I think they are trying to give hints on upcoming games as well! I can see FIFA, Uncharted, Fight Night? and a war game? look like the old style CoD or MoH but non of those 2 are certain of coming yet!

Ulf2409d ago (Edited 2409d ago )

Great ad. I hope the Vita changes the world of gaming... back to what it was.

Phone gaming, for the most part, sucks.

Ghost2502409d ago

the commercials are pretty dope

Lelldorianx2408d ago

I can't imagine what I'd do with $50M...

bahabeast2408d ago

id buy a bat mobile one shot if i had 50 million

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The story is too old to be commented.