Are video games carnivals of savagery, or works of art?

Tom Chivers:
"In all the world, nothing makes me swear so much as Mario Kart. It’s true. I once dislocated my kneecap in a spectacular dancing-related injury, but the stream of agonised curse words it elicited was pathetic when compared with those fired out when I am comfortably in the lead on the final lap, but about to lose because someone’s just launched a blue shell at me."

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It's a good read that focuses more on the gamer than on the topic. The sterio type of what the gamer is like has gotten better but still has some work before it's apart of mainstream culture. As for the topic they are all works of art because art is in the eye of the beholder and any who challenge that do not understand the basic concept of art. I have 24 years of art and gaming under my belt so I can say for sure that they are works of art.