Mass Effect 3 and the Ethical Dilemma of Story Leaks

The first 40 minutes of Mass Effect 3 has leaked on to the internet. Is this every gaming fan's windfall or the world's biggest spoiler? Mike Potts talks the ethics of leaking story details early and how he was right about the game's multiplayer element.

"Not only am I a game journalist, but I’m a game journalist that spouts off about his undying devotion to the Mass Effect series at every opportunity given. It was my duty, nay, my destiny to watch this 40 minutes and write an explosive, highly detailed summary, taking the internet by storm. But I couldn’t do it."

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patrickwlindsey2414d ago

There are those conspiracy theorists who would claim that the story was "leaked" as a form of publicity for ME3. Not that it needs it.

Canary2414d ago

While I haven't looked at the story leak myself, from what I've gathered the response to it has been fairly negative. After Dragon Age 2, many gamers are looking at ME3 and preparing themselves for the worst. If EA had the slightest ounce of sense, they'd realize that the best way to ensure day 1 sales would be to reveal as little about the game as possible--therefore decreasing the chances of burning fans with their shenanigans.

Blacktric2414d ago

There's no such thing as "leak". These so called "editor" dumbasses are claiming the first 40 minutes of the game is leaked but in reality it's the early access demo gameplay that Ve3tro posted to YouTube. It's the demo gameplay for God's sake.