Valentine's Day Gaming - The Best Games to Play with a Significant Other

That time of the year is nearly here again guys and gals! Valentine's Day is a great time to snuggle up on the couch and play your favorite game with your favorite person in the world. Sometimes nailing down a game to play with your more casual-gamer significant other can be difficult, but here are some suggestions.

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RyanDJ2470d ago

These kind of articles really help me when I'm trying to find games for my new-to-gaming wife to play!

I need to get Portal 2 back now that she plays...

sikapwach2470d ago

Yah I let my girlfriend play through Portal all by herself, execpt for the GlaDos battle, and now we're ready to play through Portal 2 together.

PieMonster2470d ago

My wife will only play rock band with me.