Top 5 Tuesday: 5 Co-Op Games to Play With Your Lover

GNT: Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! What would be better than melding your two things you love together? No! Not Justin Beiber and underage girls! I am talking about gaming with your significant other! Just imagine: You’re sitting on the couch next to one another. She looks at you and smiles as you notice a remnant of lettuce stuck in her teeth from the salad she had for dinner. Then you’re snapped out of the “should I tell her or should I not” dilemma as a gaming theme song blares from the TV. Ahhh, heaven!

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Vladplaya2469d ago

Borderlands is worst game to play with your girl, or anyone else really, the game is boring and empty as hell.

I hate when people bring up Borderland when it comes to co-op, the game has it, yes, but it wasn't thought out to make it fun, its just there for shits and gigles.